Hunters Staying Outside Dome to Heal


Are Medics supposed to be able to heal through the dome walls? As a monster its quite obnoxious vs certain Cough Lazarus Cough medics to combat


Yes; they’ve been allowed to since launch.


Focus a target, force the target away from the pack and out of the medics range, force the medic to enter the dome.


Its more of a Kraken problem, not enough burst damage, too squishy. Its ultra not fun


Run to the other side of the dome and wait for the hunters to come to you. 99% of the time the Medic will enter the dome rather than run all the way around the perimeter of the dome.


if running to the other side of the dome doesn’t work for you like @Turd_Flinging_Monkey suggested, you can use abilities like vortex or banshee mines to push them into the center of the dome.