Hunters Standing on hard to reach Pillars


I’m having issues dealing with hunters who use a frustrating tactic.
They will stand on the smallest bit of land that the monster cannot reach even if i climb it, i just fall down and it becomes almost impossible to have a decent fight with teams that use these spires. Especially when dome’d when there are some in the Arena.

Now im not sure if this is a bug or exploit, or if its a legit tactic. So i thought i make a post about my issue. People might say, “yeah its being fixed” or at least give some advice on how to deal with this situation.

So in this screen shot I’ve taken, It shows the location where hunters will stand In the red circle on this extremely high spire. Some are even higher than this one, and even abilities like rock throw are hard to land, because hunters will just jet pack off and land back on in the same place. Which is what the blue arrows indicate.
I mostly see supports or healers stand on them while they sheild/heal the team. I cant focus hunters on the ground because they will just be shielded all the time. So i have to go for the one standing on the Pillar…problem is…i cant hit them up there…I’ll climb it just to fall back down seemingly waisting my time while the others get to obliterate me.
Most time Fire breath wont reach, and they jet pack the rock throws.

I deal with this all the time and its becoming increasingly frustrating to deal with.
please help.


Hey there. I’m not sure if this is a bug or exploit either, but I moved this into the bug section just in case.


I’ve seen some threads about this. it wasn’t intentional, but became more popular when Sunny’s jetpack boost arrived.

Might want to try fake out rock throws… but that’s really frustrating.


Its not a bug, its just a semi exploitive area. I remember when I first found it, it was sickeningly easy to keep everyone alive as Caira. You take minor damage while standing on top of them due to the “gas” spewing out, but Idk, it might not be legit


uhm… It’s still in the Gameplay section. O_o



How about now?


Yea that’s definitely the Ol’ Hunter Cheese your experiencing.


It’s in the Off-topic now. :wink:
I kid I kid.

Yeah, it’s in the bug section now.


…This is an exploit? How? It’s called outmaneuvering an opponent, guys. It’s pretty much essential as Val or Griffin. :stuck_out_tongue:


So how do monsters deal with it then? Thats the Question.


Depends on the Monster- if you’re Goliath, toss a rock up, or leap and melee to smach them off. Then force them away from it before they climb up again.
Kraken…Yeah. Anything and everything works.
Wraith? A warp, maybe two, and a quick melee.
Behemoth…I don’t know, not a Behemoth player. Tongue Grab or Magma maybe.

And with all of them, climbing and a quick aerial melee will knock them off.


I love standing on the small towers on the Fusion plant (near relay, outside).
They don’t offer mych protection, but they are a nice place for medics, Hanks, and Shield Drones.


Maybe if you monsters went on a diet you could reach us, you fatasses



Ive tried the climbing with aerial melee strikes, many many times…All of them miss because of some invisible ceiling near the top of the spires. If i climb and hit this ceiling, ill just automatically drop down too. Its a very hard thing to maneuver on considering the surface area of the spire and how big the monster is. All while this climbing takes place, my HP has been chopped in half…if not all of it.


Not at all.
I’m still wearing a cast after that level 3 rock throw with damage perk. :crying_cat_face:


Its in these areas where dome running becomes handy. I just run laps around the dome until it drops due to it putting me at a severe disadvantage, so theres no use fighting here. Just run run run, then when it drops just avoid these areas and stay in more advantageous areas


Gotta watch out for those rock throws lol. The jetpack dodge will usually save you if you go straight up or then once to the side and then straight back after it’s passed.

I haven’t lost a game with the squad against Goliath yet doing the ol pillar cheese lol. Same with the ones on Dam.


Yea exactly. They got you in a spot where they want to fight which is never a good thing.


It hurts the most when you have used all of your jetpack getting to the top of the tower, and then a rock comes before you’re ready. :cold_sweat: