Hunters smell perk


To help out pubs

Hunter smell perk …

they can see wildlife / monster outline …

or they can see the monster only

or the monster & the strong wild life (mega mouth / plant / sloths / armadon / nomad )

This perk is the most needed to help out new players / noobs

Smell perk may be broken in Ranked / destroys sneak for monsters

If there is a way to make it work only pubs . That would be great

The perk can detect within reasonable distance

Second suggestion :

Make hunter smell perk as the main perk in level 1 instead of jump heights 300%

They need to know more about the environment / monster location than dodge the monster attacks

Suggestion 3 :

Make this perk available/unlocked for lvl 1- 10 / 15

People who have knowledge / pass lvl 15 can’t use this perk (lock it for them )

Update : Suggestion 4:

Smell perk doesn’t reveal monster in sneak position


Noobs need to learn how to hunt properly and not rely on a crutch of a Perk.

And yes this would destroy Monster Sneak Play, what about the Noob Monster that is sweating in that bush hoping the Hunters keep walking by?

This is a terrible suggestion, although in the right place, and it would ruin Public Balancing.

It’s bad enough for Sneaking Monsters to have to worry about the crutch Daisy from Noob Hunters and the occasional Vision Buff they can get.


Let’s not turn Evolve into another dumbed down console game that holds your hand and treats you like an idiot. If there’d be more games like Evolve (but with less bugs hopefully) kids would finally learn how to appreciate difficult games and actually start using their brain when playing them.

Then games like Evolve will be popular and not nearly dead after a couple of months since release.


Evolve wouldve benefited greatly IMO from better in-game tutorials- Ranging from demos on how to use specific hunter weapons/abilities, to very broad hunter concepts.

Imagine a Torvald based tutorial, that spawns you as torvald with access to nothing but your mortars, a fellow medic, and behemoth. The behemoth is given 1 bar of HP, no armor, and AI set to ham the medic with melees. The medic has AI set to run to, and kite around a specific piece of terrain. Your job is to now kill the behemoth in <20 seconds (Giving you a chance to lob off and 2 mortar volleys)- The goal, and description of the video, explaining that to effectively use mortars- You want to predict where the monster is going- Not aim at where it currently is- And that aiming mortars at team mates who are being focused are prime targets for your mortars.

Or imagine Spawning as Maggie- And a Goliath spawns 40 meters in front of her. The goliath is set to run on a VERY specific path around the map (Can be an actual in game map, can be a special tutorial map, doesnt matter)- And your goal is to trap the goliath in say, 30 seconds. But the trick is its impossible to dome the monster in this time frame by chasing it directly- Instead youll be forced to cut along the map- And dome the goliath as it crosses a specific choke point. The goal/description would explain that hunters need to learn to cut the monster off, and not chase directly behind them.

Etc and etc.

Evolve has a COMPLICATED meta- And very little in game guidance. The player base has largely had to “discover it on its own” and share the information. There was soooo little guidance in the game for new comers, its NOT surprising how frustrated a lot of players got with the game at the start. “Its a running simulator”- No you just suck at hunting. But sadly the game never really told you how to do it either.


Maybe its just me but i liked that i had to find everything out on my own and that the game doesnt hold my hand and guide me through


Yeah, I think it was suggested many times. But instead of getting game improvements and fixes we’re mostly just getting more DLC. Best publisher.


Dont get me wrong- I totally do too. I LOVE evolves difficulty and complexity


Theres a difference between “holding your hand” and “showing you the path”.


Evolve shows you the path already, it introduces you to the four Hunters and the Monster, more specifically Markov and Goliath.

It shows you the primary basics of both characters leaving you to choose to train in other classes or in Monsters. The Hunter tutorial teaches deployables, jetpacks, dodging, moving, running, climbing, wildlife, dangers, the Monster, domes, teammates, etcetera. The Monster tutorial teaches hiding, fighting, prioritization, feeding, evolving, ability choice, etcetera.

The game teaches you the basics in the standard “showing you the path” way, and then it sets you off. What you do with that information is entirely up to you.


And yet it took players months to learn they could hear the monster sniffing.

Or that the sound of a spotter meant the monster was going by it.

Or what a spotter even was.


Lets be honest- This game handles new players very, VERY poorly. Evolve throws you to the wolves.

That its been starving for 3 weeks.

And im pretty sure the wolves are armed with knives.

And Im pretty sure that one wolf is actually Chuck Norris in disguise.


I liked learning everything by myself, but for people who isn’t into that - one tutorial about Markov’s kit clearly isn’t enough to even begin understanding basics of hunters game-play. And how much does it teach about team work? Yeah… and team work is the most important part of the game for hunters.

As for videos, most people want to start playing the game (even if it’s some training grounds), not watching videos.


Speak for yourself mortal.


I have never heard a spotter.


I get what you mean but let me give you an example.
I’ve played over 1.500 hours evolve and after so many hours I still learned something new which always felt rewarding and kept me playing
for example I always knew what a spotter sounds like but figured out around 1.200h which animal a spotter is lol
and lots of other stuff you do learn from just playing the game a lot.
If I would knew all these small but also important things from day 1 or maybe quicker than I would have lost intrest in playing this game much faster


One and a half and 1 1/5 hours? That’s really short.


yes :smiley:
and by far better than that giantchiprel guy :wink:
much love


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