Hunters Rage Quit doesnt result in Monster win?


So why doesn’t it result in a win when the entire enemy Hunter team rage quits? Why am I just forced into another lobby instead of giving me my victory points?


Did you complete the entire match? Did you join in on an ongoing match? Did you lose connection at any point during the match(this is amusing you were able to reconnect to the same session)? What platform were you using(PS4,Xbox One,PC)?


I mean when I am playing monster and is obviously going to win. Then entire enemy team rage quits and I get kicked out of the match and put in a new lobby


Also my favorite is when people vote to restart the map just because you’re winning.


I think it’s silly if the monster leaves you fight an ai but if hunters leave the match ends and lose a win


I know that feeling all to well. Thing is I don’t even play stealthy at all. I pick the speed perk and run like a mad man everywhere so it’s not like they are bored. But when I reach stage three and they still havn’t caught me they quit and I lose my win.


I also always laugh when they try a vote to restart because they get whomped at stage one or two.


Can’t belive the quadra rage quit match cancel hasn’t been fixed yet.