Hunter's Quest - WTF - pay to win


I downloaded “Hunters Quest” the App and was simply disgusted by what I saw. A pay to win cash-cow that does half your leveling when you pay it! The game cost me 79,99€ (PC Monster Race) on Steam and now they offer to cut half the grind for money? I was bewildered as to why a shooter has a leveling system anyway it isn’t an RPG after all. And I guess I just found the reason for this design choice. Disgusting, that’s all I can say.
I’d like to think that Turtle Rock doesn’t know about the shenanigans “Cat Daddy Games” is pulling with “Hunters Quest” but a level-up grind in a shooter is pretty damn stupid and that would explain why it’s in there.

Don’t say I’m being to harsh if you haven’t “played” Hunters Quest yourself. It’s available for windows as well. You literally cannot lose, as long as you throw money at it. Whenever I failed a level it asked me to “lose it all [the bonuses collected in the level] or continue for [money]”. Without even the slightest pretense of being anything other than utter monetized trash. Trash that is allowed to dangle stat boosts for Evolve in front of our faces.


What? I played it, beat it and it got me like half of the way through my tier one skills on Bucket.


I think you are thinking into this way too much. It does help with your mastery but I do not believe it effects your leveling. I have not paid a dime for it and I play it in my office at work when I am not home. I’m sorry if you feel this way but I do not agree that it is a “Pay to win”. You are not having a extreme advantage over me when I don’t pay a dime.


yup, didn’t pay and still helped me out at leveling stuff.


Yes, I admit it is a feeling. First they go on about how they like to make high quality games and we should accept the price-tag, which I was obviously fine with, but than they prostitute their brainchild vicariously trough Hunters Quest.
It’s not so much about someone having an advantage than it is about Hunters Quest being all obvious and shameless in its money grubbing way. I felt disgusted even without knowing how big the advantage is or what exactly the time against money ratio for grinding it is.


So by pay to win you mean paying nothing to gain a cut in grinding to get hunters slightly faster? Yep definitely then. I am sorry I don’t mean to sound mean but my sarcastic nature tends to override most things.


Some of the new nextgen MMO’s will support some sort of tablet play. The Division is one of them being released this year, hopefully. I wouldn’t consider it P2W with monster quest because you are not buying a boost outright. You still have to earn it.


I have it and I have about 10K mastery on the app and I dunno how to use it…


When I first saw it, I went like ‘Pfff’. I’ve gotten over it since, because I’ve been playing Evolve instead of its companion game.


you need to have a “my2K” account, than sign in under “Options” > “Manage sign in” in Hunters Quest. Also the Same “my2K” account needs to be linked under “Extras” > Link my2k or something in the real Evolve game.
You know they are set up right if you can watch the map replays of your last games in Hunters Quest.

I use the Steam PC Version.


Lol, I haven’t payed a cent on Hunter’s Quest and I have still earned a ton of mastery. I fail to see how it’s pay to win.


Pay to win? HA! It’s easier than most other match-3 games out there, but yeah sure, if you want to waste money on it, go ahead.

Also you get easily get most upgraded all Hunters fully upgraded before getting through half the game. It’s really not that hard.


The PC master beta race.


2K still are moneydiggers in an extreme way…
Prices are just too high for what it is. Don’t get me wrong, I bought some of the shit, since I could afford and whatever… But come on, skins are too weak for the prices, and so are the credits for the app.
This actually is pay to progress. progress leads to more win, so in the end they are just hiding a little sneaky pay to win shit behind smiles and “community hippie love”…
I would slap.


You can get through the whole game without paying a penny, it just takes some tactical thinking (and a spot of luck on some levels, but repeated plays will beat them).


How are you surprised by this after seeing microtransactions in the full game? It’s disgusting seeing AAA games turning to the mobile gaming trash tactics of microtransactions.


I didn’t pay to win. I think you may not realize but you replay missions to level up to beat other levels.


Game is nowhere close to beign fun to do that repetitive shit again and again… I always play mission or two when I go to the toilette :smiley:


People shit on evolve with free modes and maps. You can play on the same team as the hunters and fight the monsters without owning them and some skins. What did anyone do when black ops 2 made a 60$ game 50$ season pass and how many skins? Why does no one cry to EA sports about there 100$ microtransactions so can play online and not have to grind in solo for days just for an okay team?

If gamers really are upset about DLC lets go after the top dogs first that make a ton every year and have just as much DLC.


SO you think COD players play Evolve?..