Hunters quest mastery question


Ive accumulated enough mastery in hunters quest to buy everything. I havent unlocked all the tiers or all the hunters though.
If i bought everything now, would it get lost/wasted?

So when i finally unlock, say, hyde, he will be halfway up the first tier? Then when i reach the second, ill be halfway up on that as well?

Can anyone please confirm?


Can confirm! You will end up with more mastery than you need. Go upgrade your Hunters!


Oh, i mean to say if i spend points on a hunter i dont have yet, will it just be lost?


Nope. It works fine still. I bought all of Hyde’s mastery before game came out and was 50% in them when I got him. Same for the rest of the stars I bought on others


Phew, thank you, sir. Always sort of mindful of dumb bugs, so glad to verify this.