Hunter's Quest Beastiary Request


@skills4u2envy can you provide me with pictures of the beastiary from hunters quest?


I don’t have those


Omg I’m rather surprised tbh lol
@Takran can you help or know anyone who can?


The games been shut down for awhile now. I highly doubt anyone would have what you’re looking for.


I got you! Making a note to get the list ready for the weekend.

I’ve only got names and some pictures though. Not all formal descriptions.


You are amazing good sir!


The mobile game wasn’t made by TRS but by CatDaddy games.

You might wanna try your luck reaching out to their support, although I highly doubt it with how the game got sunset even while Evolve was still active (like 2y ago).


I don’t have the full bestiary, but I copied over the ones I did get word for word on this thread.


I wish this game was still there. I’m very outraged that it was pulled off everyone’s system. It was a very good game for what it was, honestly. Sadly, I don’t have anything from it either except I think a photo of finally reaching the golden medal for having farmed every stinking one of those elite bones!


Good heavens, how much I was grinding that game to get the exclusive weapon skins… Remember playing through my entire commute to uni and keeping at it despite my smartphone battery getting a bit too hot to handle comfortably.


Damn does that bring back some memories. I stayed up way too late to get those tournament skins. All I ever tried for was the main game skins. The mobile hunter suits were way out of my league. I wish we had got those skins for stage 2 though!