Hunters put out too much damage


The assault pumped out damage, the primary healers (Caira/Val) literally had to focus on healing and the support had to focus on shielding or supporting as opposed to damage.

But then…

You created a support who shielded automatically and gave them the most powerful projectile in game
Result? Soared to number 1 used and more damage forced onto monsters.

You created a medic who dealt heavy damage instead of a gun that only healed.
Result? Soared to number 1 used and even more damage forced onto monsters.

Fast forward some time and again, a medic now who doesn’t have to focus on healing because its automatic via deployables and lock on weapons for more damage.

Does anyone else not see a problem with this at all? In all that time the game has changed so much and monsters melt, utterly melt and its hard to near impossible to get enough distance much of the time with chase comps to armor up. And the next great idea is an eliminate monster armor tool?

In short, the reason why the game is so damn frustrating for monsters is because you changed it so that so many roles can hard focus on damage. More things being locked on or self-tracking with the addition of deployables doing the actual class tasks all means health bars melt in seconds of focus. You’ve given nothing to monsters to compensate for this massive change over time. All you keep wanting is monsters to fight more, fight sooner. We made you slap harder so you can fight stage 1. No its nearly a death sentence now because of the damage output.

TL.DR The raw damage output from the hunters has increased incredibly over time and monsters have not been changed nearly enough to combat this. With the now removal of armor ability you’re driving a stake into the comatose body of evolve. Enough with the lock on or do my role for me automatically deployable nonsense. It has gotten way out of control. For every thing you make automated monsters take an even harder hit.


This thread is… What is it, exactly? This is more of a rant than anything.


Damnit you ninja. It does look like a rant, though.


Get shrekt, kiddo.



Anyways, @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @niaccurshi, think it belings in the rant thread or leave it alone?


Monsters put out way more take kracken ridiculous damage output and can mitigate receiving it on top of that,nah bro monsters put it out way more!


Except useing the best and almost only competitive monster as a example don’t work.


I believe he wants a discussion :bucket_cute:


Alright. Just checking.


Goliath,kracken and currently BoB with his melee roll damage bug all are powerful only maybe wraith and gorgon are weak


Yes it is supposed to be a discussion, I can’t be the only person to realize when you change characters that typically were too busy to deal damage, for example Caira, and then change them into very damaging, slim for a long while and emet, this changes the game a great deal. I feel that no one thought of that change and adjusted monsters for that. Instead progressively damaging, less role focused hunters continue to be released while monsters stay the same.


Well in the next TU sunny/Emet going to be useless for damage,if anything hunters get nerfed more than buffed in the damage output


saying a bug makes him viable shows how badly balanced behemoth is, kraken has been top monster for a long time despite telementry. Goliath finally got to where he can have a chance at winning despite him still haveing bugs. Wraith did get hit a bit hard with the heavy change. And gorgon still has no burst for a good team. If only 2/5 monsters are considered competetive viable yet hunters for the majority are almost all viable shows how bad the balance is.


I don’t think you understand what I mean. Not talking about numbers tweaking, which is often only a few points anyway. I mean compare the old to the new. How much damage could val put out? Not much because she had to heal gun and tranq plenty. How much damage could caira put out? Not much because she had to heal fire her gun constantly. When you remove those necessary focuses and make things more automated or easier, thousands more in damage comes into play.


Yeah BOB’s quite weak without that bug I hope they compensate for it with extra damage somewhere.

I beat a team of silver experts the other days with wraith someone I go very very rarely and was surprised I won with her so it’s all about good tactics with some like Wraith & Gorgon because their burst isn’t the best,positioning is key with them unlike Goli and Kracken they are fairly heavy hitters!


Yeah maybe the new hunters put out more overall damage but for me anyway I find the older hunters better at their respected jobs than the newer models


Preference is fine its just this consistent trend I loathe as there is zero compensation for monsters due to it. Damage output is constantly on the up and up, monsters don’t get more defenses or anything to make it for it. In fact its become worse with the new support ability, draining the only defense they have.


Think your reading into too much chillout dude not worth worrying about,the next monster will be OP I can see lol or maybe the kracken adaptation will be


Having a monster be “OP” is not a solution and doesn’t really help the issue of oversight in the change in the game.


ALL monsters are OP some are just more OTTP.

Take Emet does more damage but her healing sucks in battle.