Hunters need to learn how to dome a monster, it takes more than a trapper


Fellow Hunters,
Will you guys in pickup groups please stop shooting the monsters from halfway across the map. It only alerts the monster, they all run, and make them undomable. Its easiest to dome a monster when its feeding and distracted, or the hunter flanks the monster while the rest of the hunters flush them into his position. Its true i play a trapper a lot and its not only the wraith thats impossable to dome, the other monsters are just as hard if they are in a full sprint. Instead if you see a monster feeding, get in position but do not get too close so they can smell you. Let your trapper get in place and doming the monsters is actually kinda easy. Hunters are constantly alerting the monster(with bullets thats doing next to nothing damage, from 150 yards away) only makes it harder on the trapper. If you guys want to melt some monster flesh this is very important.


Don’t shoot until they attack or you can use your short-range attack. Usually they will turn around and come at you before you’re that close. That’s a splendid time to pop a dome.


Totally agree with this- this is why a proactive support can be so useful in helping the trapper in finding the monster as they are able to team cloak and can get close and tag the monster without alerting him (especially Cabot and Bucket who can track him with the dust tagging and UAV) Lazarus can also be useful with his personal cloak but should be keeping distance anyway. Just a bit of communication (this game should have ‘Mic Required’ on the box) can help the trapper put up the dome with a higher success rate and can even enable hunters to put down traps/get higher ground before the monster even realises you have him.

  • Infinity. So annoying.