Hunters names and health bars disappearing


Anyone fight as the monster to have the gamertags and name color disappear so you have to fight by health bars over their head or the hunter model themself? I sometimes even have the health bar disappear and I do not know how much damage I am doing or who I am fighting(besides knowing the chars themselves, which I do)

Anyone else have this happen? Is this a bug I should get video for?


Sounds like cloak from support. Or Laz.


Im pretty sure its just a hunter cloaking, invisi hunter=annoying hunter


No, this is not a stealth thing. If it was, I should not see health bars, or the hunters themselves which I can do. But the info is what disappears from over their heads.


It happened to me the same thing.
Trapper,Medic and assault missing healt bars + Assault on me shoot through the rocks . I have a video
Was seen only Support healt bar .
I think it is of cheat.


Maybe. You should post the video and I can see if it is this same thing I have experienced.


Funny enough. I had the same thing happen to a lone Assault who was wandering way ahead of the hunter team. I was going to ambush him with a Sneak Attack pounce because the other hunters were far away, including anyone who could cloak him. but then he suddenly vanished – health bar and all, heck I couldn’t even smell him – it was like he was cloaked, but like I said – anyone who cloak him was FAR away.


Not exactly. The hunter is still there for me. just no “HUD” stuff, no health bar ect, but I can still see the hunter and fight the hunter, or pounce them if needed.


This is it


this is it. thanks


It is happening constntly to me. First thought its cloaking. But i wouldnt be able to see hunters. Now i hope the bug will be fixed soon, because it is unfair advantage towards the hunters


Oh god why did you revive this. Also it’s probably just slim. His spore cloud does this.


I dont understand how spore cloud makes me unable to see healthbars, it is suposed to makes me unable to smell, smelling just outlines hunters and creatures, the healthbar have nothing to do with smelling


The spore cloud cuts off all hunterbased UI, including health bars, theyre basically made to blind you, and thats part of it


I think that its misleading. The instructional video clearly states spore cloud makes monster unable to smell. Nothing more. Anyway if it is really suposed to cut off all UI then i cant come up with any monster’s ability to counter that.


Basically the spore cloud clogs up all the monsters senses, makes you focus more upon where you’re being hit from.
For example, you want to target slim but cant smell him
What do you do?
Follow the blue trail his bugs leave when they return to him.
Or just jump/warp/fly/roll out of the cloud and sniff away :stuck_out_tongue:


um guys this video was 27 ish days ago… soo officially it used to be a bug or still is if the hunters didnt choose slim >.>


The video was a bug, parusoid was just a tad bit confused