Hunters may have too much advantage


Cant help but think the hunters have to much advantage, they have invincability shields, invisability, heal there health, unlimited amount of revivals…traps that make you slow as hell, traps that litterally stop you in your tracks (harpoon) and you cant even take your time and beat them slowly and steadily because as the monster if you dont get the win within 20 minites the hunters automaticaly win :-/ seems abit lop sided for the hunters…if you come across a team that knows what there doing you really have no chamce of winning…


For a limited amount of time[quote=“Mark_Royds, post:1, topic:81128”]
[/quote]for a limited amount of time[quote=“Mark_Royds, post:1, topic:81128”]
unlimited amount of revivals
[/quote]Nope[quote=“Mark_Royds, post:1, topic:81128”]
cant even take your time and beat them slowly and steadily
[/quote]I wouldnt want longer games than 20 min, thats for sure.[quote=“Mark_Royds, post:1, topic:81128”]
if you come across a team that knows what there doing you really have no chamce of winning
[/quote]Thats why it is good to practice against those teams, because it makes you better. :wink:


At high levels of play, the game is slightly Hunter favored.
Safe for Kraken. Screw that guy.

Not sure what your point is though, Monsters have undodgeable Fire Breath, tumbling Charge, huge Warp Blast radius, Abducting (through walls), Decoy, huge Aftershock radius, instant Banshee Mines, roll spam, annoying Lava Bombs, Rock Walls at the power relay, frustrating Spider Traps and a severely crippling Web Snare.


Cant even recover health ! Yea its all for limited time obviously but as soon as you break that shield support beams over another invincable shield, and it is unlimited revivals if you pick the medic that can revive after you died, spend all your time killing someone then finishing them off and a medic flys over invisable and revives them in seconds… like i say against average players like my self its competitive but against the people who play all day every day and ranked ridiculously high you have no chance lol


Well then, focus HIM down then eh?


The one thing I would love is if they got rid of health regen as a hunter perk. I think that would make it somewhat fair.

It does make fighting them easier as it doesn’t provide any combat aid but it mostly nullifies spreading damage and I think that sucks.


Cant everytime you go for him he dissapears then as you focus your attention on someone eles his ability has recharged and hes invisable again


Fire is your friend. Any ability that can hit him will highlight. It helps a lot. After he has become highlighted it should be a lot easier to hunt him down. Look for jetpack boosts and foot prints.

He kicks up dust when he walks.


Don’t change focus. Laz is very squishy and can die quite easily. If he goes invis, follow his footprints and notice if he uses his jetpack or creates ripples in the water.


The trapper aswell, jack, if you play as him you dont even have to look for the monster the sensor tracks you down, maggie the dog sniffs you out so no point sneeking to hide your tracks because the dog will lead the hunters to you anyway :-/ i enjoy the game but it is abit biass for hunters


Yea ill give it a go, enjoying the game dont get me.wrong its a great new fresh idea, just seems abit lop sided sometimes…


As a skill based game it always will for one person. Either you or them.

I am assuming you are new. After a while you will bash some hunters heads in and they will assume that all the monsters are OP because you simply had more knowledge and skill than them.


The lasers have a cooldown and a limited range. You can sneak out of spawn for some meters and his lasers won’t get you. Running on water also helps.

I think you mean Daisy, not Maggie the dog. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maggie is the only trapper that should be making you run since the start, unless you like going in gunz blazing. Sneaking against her should be only for jukes.

Yeah, it’s mostly Sunny that can cause that.


Sir, I am very much in your bracket in this regard!

The problem with playing monster is that we hit a wall, for a good period of time playing with people our level we basically just need the opportunity to chain some attacks together and bad hunters crumble and die, with those strikes we know we can run away and the next fight will be even easier.

Then those hunters start getting their act together and it’s so very frustrating! It’s at this point, after hitting the wall, that monsters start needing to learn new tricks. In hunt, at early stages, don’t try to fight… try to engage the hunters in a location with a large central pillar or large structure that you can keep breaking their Line of Sight with. The less damage you take the better.

Once you’re stage 2 you then need to start thinking… if I can fight near to a nomad, or a megamouth, some plants, or maybe a dune beetle even… it’s like having a buddy helping me out and distracting them! And it’s all about taking opportunities. Has the trapper made a gap between himself and the support/medic? Great, time to use an ability to knock him around a corner or futher away. Best case scenario you get some attacks in on him and he goes down, worst case you’ve made the hunters break their formation, creating more mistakes hopefully.

When on the run at stage 2 remember that in the right conditions you are stronger than hunters as long as they aren’t properly formed with good LoS and distance to each other. Never run so far ahead that you can’t sniff them every now and again. I often find victories come from sniffing and seeing that one of them is running slightly ahead of the rest and is lower on health because they’ve just been zapped by some birds or slashed by some Reavers. Those little wildlife friends have basically done the work for you that turns a two/three combo from a “you’re down to low health” to a “You’re on the floor” situation.

So… it can feel like you’re fighting a wall of abilities a lot of the time, but when you’ve got to that stage it’s even more important to keep calm, and bide your time. Don’t fight on their terms, don’t fight in their harpoon traps, make them stretch themselves thin, make them create opportunities for you to capitalise on.

Also, hunters always think when you start to run from a fight that you’re going to run as far and fast as you can. If you’re not tracked then try just hiding around a corner not too far ahead and seeing if you can surprise attack them again… or don’t even wait that long. The amount of times I’ve had a favourable result from running a little then turning around and throwing a rock straight back behind me, causing someone to take big damage and letting me jump right back into the fight to finish that guy off… it’s very satisfying, and they aren’t thinking quick enough to use those shields and traps to stop you!


I actually think that with how things currently are, another ~5 mins should be added to the timer. It’s tough trying to do anything S2 after 3 engagements, because timer will start and you’ll be forced to evolve. I think it worked well with 20 mins before 5.0 but lately there’s too much timer pressure unless you Ft3 a bit. (Imo)


I also feel like hunters are more favored. But I also feel that you really can’t balance this ever! Hunters will always have the advantage.

Hunters are basically trained to kill monsters. All of there tools are designed to hunt and kill monsters.

So they will always have an advantage.


may ? MAY ?


It’s a problem that the game is balanced around the hunters having shields though.
Like, Bucket and Cabot are never going to be viable unless they do obscene ammounts of damage, because the hunters without shields/jetpack booster explode in a shower of gibs if the monster just looks at them.


I don’t want to ruin your dreams but it is not about the fact that Hunters have too much advantage.

One of the reasons I am a bad monster player is that I find the level of effort I have to put as a Monster so much that it ruins my pleasure of gameplay. Hunters on the other side have pauses of running through the map to spot the monster which create small passive cooldown periods to soothe your mind and ‘‘get your sh1t together’’ between battles ^^. Monsters don’t have this luxury.

As I mentioned before I don’t want to ruin your dreams but maybe you have to come to realise you will not be able to play as Monster with top Hunters. If you make peace with being in lower Bronze league though you will play Hunters of your level that don’t ruin that relaxed gameplay you seem to need.

If that’s not enough maybe you will have to consider you are just not Monster material just as I and many others are not :stuck_out_tongue:


That can be dodged out of fairly easily. 2 point you can dodge after they’ve started charging 3 point i’ve had them boost out after I’ve started charging not as common but still happens or they can just boost at the WB and get bounced off stopping you in mid flight.

is still such a shit ability which might change eventually.

Meh monsters have to deal with CC all the time.