Hunter's lockers and final tier clues


First of all, sorry if this has already been discussed, but I’m interested in people’s thoughts on the blurred-out names on the ship lockers that you’ve seen in recent videos before the hunt starts.

I’m unable to post screenshots currently but the ship sequence can easily be viewed in any of the IGN Hunter videos here; Gameplay video (The Distillery)

It’s my opinion that each locker holds clues as to which class owns it.

The 1st blurred named locker is the last one in the 1st pan, and has a decal with BLOCH typed. The text is white and blue, with the O symbolised as a diamond with a blue dot in the middle. Looks a bit like a shield to me.

Next two lockers are at the start of the 2nd pan. The first locker has a large white & red first aid cross with ‘Salveron’ etched through it - the name of the manufacturer who supplies Val with her medgun… no doubt this is the third medic’s locker! This is interesting as it could suggest medic3 has a healing tool like Val, which could make him a proactive healer like her.

3rd locker has a decal with the words CIH with the I symbolised as a bullet. Like salveron, I’m thinking most of these decals are manufacturers, this one being of the arms kind and likely assault3’s locker.

4th locker is the last locker on 2 nd pan and has 2 decals, one hard to make out while lacking any text, whilst the 2nd one looks like an image of a ship, a bit like a Rebel Transport from the clone wars era. To me it’s a military/profession pilot patch that could suggest this is the Pilot’s locker, who is also a class.

Who’s better suited as the Pilot and who could fit the BLOCH decal from before, or the CIH?

I’ll have a wild guess that Support3 owns the BLOCH locker, which manufactures his shield projector or similar tool. Trapper3 is the Pilot and de facto leader of this crazy bunch of hunters. Medic3 has Salveron aoe healing grenade launcher. Can’t say much about Assault3 except he/she better have a shotgun! Probably all wrong, though!

Any other theories out there? Have there been any more clues that help guess the identities of the tier 3 group? Please share your thoughts, it’s fun to speculate while (at work) we can, as we’ve only got until Pax for the tier 3 reveal, right guys?!


Or possibly an eye?

That would make sense, although nobody really knows what Salveron is yet. I do think it will be though.

I was thinking the same.

Bucket’s actually the pilot of the ship, but maybe there’s a co-pilot?

I literally have no idea what to expect from the Third Tier. Before the Second Tier was officially revealed we found out there were rockets and harpoon mines, but so far there’s been no little clues or anything about the remaining Hunters.


I thought it was confirmed that Bucket was the dropship’s pilot?


Here the best screenshots I can make from IGN’s video.
By “best” I mean you cannot read some names at all… Except hyde, hank, bucket, lazarus, V. Wolinsky (Valentine ?), Maggie and Markov.


it is. Hank mentions that some times…


I have much better screenshots, but they were from the alpha… sorry :’(


Awesome !.. °_°

Do you mean there’s multiple bucket ?.. Since someone must be piloted the dropship when bucket is hunting…

(Hmm… does someone else think the “Markov is a wanker” was written by hyde ?.. ^^)


In a sense, Bucket is the dropship. His reason core is stored in the Laurie-Anne’s computer banks. The robot we all call “bucket” is just a heavily modified repair and maintenance drone he remotely operates.


You’re close on some of these. The character who owns the ship is not the character who pilots the ship.


Is the guy who owns the ship the next trapper? :stuck_out_tongue:


It must be the earthling !..
From what I’ve read, Earth is only for ultra-rich now.


Oh, I didn’t know that! So he’s kind of like how EDI is in ME3?


Noticed that yesterday:

The next time someone from here gets the chance to play and are not under NDA keep an eye out!


I’d wager that that last locker belongs to Abe. His name was dropped in some dialogue between Bucket and Maggie in a gamespot preview. The blurred out name is super small, so it would fit. Now the question is what role is he?


Interesting, thanks for sharing!

Love the Bucket description, too.

You’re right of course, at the time of writing I had in my head more of a ‘Captain’ or owner of the ship, not Pilot. A Han to Bucket’s Chewie, if you will. If this ‘Captain’ is indeed one of the Tier 3, with Bucket acting as Pilot / Support to him/her, it could fit the they are Trapper3.

I like that… Markov has an interest in cybernetics, I could see a character develop on this further.

Thanks for providing the screenshots @DarkThomy !


I bet the devs are now like: see I told you we needed to redact that shit… Those nerds notice evrything :wink:


Sure! Or like HAL in 2001. :slight_smile:


Second pic right hand side. that looks like a ant


I made some estimations back during Alpha about the lockers. I assume it’s safe to talk about it anyway, since the videos show the exact same thing I saw. Anything I talk about it stuff you can see with your own eyes from videos from the recent streams. Just have to pause.

Some of the lockers are easy to tell who is going to be there. More specifically, there are stickers.

Val’s locker has a Salveon sticker on it, as well as one of the other lockers having one, thus that’s the other Medic.
I decided that the locker having the CIH (with the I as a bullet) is going to be the new assault.

While the last one with the bolted on nameplate next to Markov and having the sticker, that is going to be the new Trapper, as well as the leader of the hunters. The sticker says “Guild Licensed Planet Tamer, Far (?) Chapter 314.” Can’t go back to my old post int he Alpha forum as it’s dead currently, and I can’t really see the middle text very well with pictures that I saved.

The one with the BLOCH sticker (O as a shield) is the new support. No information that I can give for him at this time.