Hunters killed the monster


When a monster is killed by a wildlife, the red bar on the top of the screen says that the hunters did it. I think there should be a proper message, that monster died becaue of wildlife.


Unless he was killed by a mammoth bird, then the message stands.


Does it matter what the message says? The hunters still win.


Ofcourse it matters. The game shouldnt be lying in front of someone’s face


How did the monster get to such low health in the first place? Hunters.
Who forced the monster to run away into the dangerous Shear wilderness? Hunters.

If you’re running from me and trip on a banana peel, would you blame me or the banana?


He, of course, would blame the banana. It’s like most pho games, if you’re attacking me and I fall to my death, you get the kill. Same theory.


Reminds me of the old Halos where you’d manage to elude someone on low health and fall to your death giving them the point anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


@antikaratekid But I clearly mentioned that monster is killed by wildlife. I didn’t say hunters took part of health. Don’t forget to broaden your mind and think of all possible reasons. Hunters are not the only ones that can do harm to monster.


It’s a pride thing. Would you ever really admit to being downed by an angry reaver who scratched you to death? “No, man, I was totally killed by T4! Mammoth birds? Psshhh… whazzatidunnowutyertalkinabout…”


Lol imagine, “Mammoth bird wins”


I had a dyslexia moment in a game last night and read “Hunters killed the Walrus”

Can we have that? Please?


I am the Walrus.


If Daisy killed the monster then would it say She did it or the hunters in total?



Can the message say, “NOOB Monster player lost to wildlife” :smirk:


Daisy is the Hunters.


I just would love it as the sort of secret ending, just a mammoth bird in all of it’s glory like when the monster wins, of course the win still goes to the hunters, but just having the ending cinematic would be hilarious.