Hunters: kill wildlife or dont waste time on them?


Greetings fellow hunters,

As you have probably noticed, Shear doesn’t like us. The accurately titled ‘Australia
of space’ will try anything to turn us into lunch.

luckily, we are well equipped to deal with them. The question is: do you spent the time killing them, or do you try to dodge them as much as possible and look for the monster? Killing them leaves safer fighting locations for the future, but can also leave free snacks for the monster.

here is some info regarding this subject:

the only wildlife that respawns are mammoth birds, striders and reavers (possibly venom hounds too).
Wildlife takes about 2,5 min to decompose, regardless of its size.though creatures worth multiple meats lose them during those minutes.


I’d only recommend killing them for pre made teams. Even then I see it as situational. A good monster uses his ears just as much as his smell, and he can hear much farther than he can smell. You could be giving the monster a quick heads up on where you’re at by going around killing every piece of wildlife.


Killing wildlife takes time from your hunt and actively slows you down. It also impairs your hearing, warns the monster and leaves free meats for the monster… never ever waste time on that except you need that buff.


I’ll stop dead in my tracks for a -35% damage or +35% damage buff.

Also to kill the health regen buff.


If there in my way, they get toasted.

The big ones I tend to avoid unless my team is going for them, then I will assist.
However, if the monster is close I will kill big ones, don’t want them lurking about when fighting the monster in a dome!


Nonsense. By killing wildlife you are basically starving the monster’s late game, as corpses will decay relatively quickly.

You can have one dedicated person on wildlife eradication duty during chase and tracking sequences, thus you are not really wasting any or much time at all.
As long as you keep taps on the monster, which isn’t THAT hard once you found it, you can deny him eating corpses, even if he does eat wildlife you have killed before, more often than not it will have 50% meat inside or even less, so a mammoth bird instead of having 3 stacks of meat will be worth only 1.5, which is a huge difference.


There is a limited number of wildlife per map. I’m pretty sure they don’t respawn, but the rot time can take a while.

I do recomend killing Albino’s that are useful to the monster late game - such as the Albino Tyrant. Kill it and the monster won’t be able to regen its health later on when its rotted away. There is only one per map (and not on all maps) so killing it early can give you a bonus.

Of course you shouldn’t go actively hunting that. Just make of note of where it is on each map. If you are heading by it, taking it out, then continue on.


Kill wildlife in the early game so that the monster is starved later. The corpses decay quickly, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

IMPORTANT---- Unless your tracker is Abe. In that case, don’t touch the monsters. He can tag every single bit of meat out there, and when the monster eats it, he is tagged for tracking. With enough tags out there, the monster is almost perpetually tracked, and can’t hide or have a moment to itself. Ever.


we kill buffs and large meat when we dont have a maggie and the trail is cold. no point in wondering off hopelessly. just stick around as a group and get some of the large meats out the way as they mostly wreck the hunters more than the monster .


The only time I would say to kill Wildlife (Outside of Nomads/Dune Beetles etc…) is when your trapper is in a chokepoint and the monster has to run past them to get out of the corner. Killing wildlife while taking shots on the monster will whittle down his armor until he gets domed. Killing food will allow you to keep chipping armor until he/she is at perma health damage as he/she won’t be able to eat food for armor.


Hunters killing wildlife doesnt affect the monster…

But hunters killing elites with buffs are always welcomed as a stage 1-2 monster !