Hunters just don't seem fun anymore


It seems every round nowadays is either we kill the monster in less than 10 minutes at 1st form, or we get annihilated after being incapable of finding the monster the entire match. Hardly any of the monsters are fun to fight. Krakens are friggin wimps that are capable of body camping downed teammates from across the Arena. Behemoth does crap tons of damage and can tank the whole team even without armor while also able keep incapped teammates from being revived. The Gorgon…well I haven’t fought it enough of them to judge…but I’ve lost each time cuz we kept getting separated due to moron teammates.

In all honesty, I only enjoy fighting the Goliath…when they aren’t hiding the entire game. I’m not saying that because we always win, but when we DO lose, it feels like it’s because we made more mistakes. It’s the only monster with the balls to fight you face to face at Level 1 and still have a chance to win…EXCEPT if it’s AI Goliath. AI Goliath too OP. The Goliath is meant to be the Brawler. He’s fun to play, and he’s fun to fight. Everyone else is just no fun, cuz the moment one Hunter goes down, everything spirals out of control.

Also…WHY THE HECK ARE JETPACK STILL SO GARBAGE? Seriously! Making them a bit more buff couldn’t hurt! Every monster has a huge jump and the capability of ripping them out of the sky anyway. I want some serious Aerial Combat. As they are, they’re not even Jetpacks. They’re more like Jump Packs. You try to catch the monster and now you’re out of fuel and the monster is long gone.

I would complain about the ranking setting up a group of Bronze with Silver skilled Monsters, but nowadays it takes so long to find a monster that I can’t complain.


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