Hunter's journal / Wildlife encyclopedia - idea


Hi! I have an interesting idea to diversity the game and I’m sorry if someone already posted about this, but I found nothing.
During the big alpha I noticed that envirnoment plays an important role in Evolve. My team had a lot of problems with wildlife. I mean we didn’t know what we should do with for example Tyrant, so we were fighting with him.
So I came up with the idea to create something like a Hunter’s journal or book with tips about wildlife. That option could be present in the menu. Anyone could look there and read a little about the wildlife. I think that option could be useful and interesting.

Sorry for my grammar, but I didn’t use to speak English every day :wink:


That was actually originally going to be in the game, but they ended up cutting it. It’s all in this long-ass thread


If you give me time (And proper links) I’ll be making wildlife videos shortly on YouTube. Including all of their effects and how do deal with them both hunter and monster side.


Thank you for info :wink: I missed that.