Hunters, if you want to win - respect your teammates!


This is about communication in the team. Actually about the mood in which this communication is often done.
A few BAD examples real-life (games I played and witnessed indirectly these situations):

Hunters win a match. Than another one. And yet another one or two.
At this moment, after 3…4 consequitive wins, suddenly one of hunters writes: “The only pity is we have traper bot” (!)
(Traper changes his class. Team structure changes as well. Next match - lost.)

Hunters prepare to play a match. Someone selects Maggie.
Another person starts commenting “Maggie is shit, you SHOULD NOT take it”.
Traper explains why he prefers Maggie. It provokes even more aggressive comments from the firsy guy “you do not know how to play this game, etc”

(during match) Fight with monster. Lazarus as medic.
At some moment Support dies. Monster visibly keeps an eye on dead guy, spamming around with damage.
If Laz tries to rez - he will die. So he waits for good moment.
Dead buddy starts whining “rez me! what are you waiting for? we are losing becasue our medic is bad… etc”

Apparently some people, believeing so much in their own “mastery” (correctly or not), do not know how to communicate with others. To those presenting such approach:

  1. Respect others, their choices and skill level.
  2. If they make real mistakes, suggest constructively how to improve.
  3. Unless this is obvious and short message - wait with your comments till match ends.

…and last but not least
4. If you blame people, especially during match, you are actually increasing the probability of a loss and decreasing team effectiveness


Play a like a monster, when the drop light goes green.
Accept advice from your fellows, and play like a team!


I will never respect a laz that picks me up instead of using his device.


Lol, but it depends of the situation, what if he already rez another teammate and you’re about to die? He needs to revive you normally or what if he doesn’t have his glove loaded and the monster is heading to your body to camp you? He needs to act fast in the heat of the battle


Both times I was the trapper, got focussed when I domed the monster, and the monster ran off once I was down.

And if im about to die and his glove is on cool down, he should let me die. His glove comes up before I decay.


Sorry, I’m not going to respect a Trapper who doesn’t throw down a Dome on a Monster thats evolving in our face. Literally.


Then he was a noob lol, but I also think that is no excuse since every character gets a tutorial before first use, so yeah, some players are just ignorants or just forget( one time I was support and I accidently revived a down hunter and Laz was in our team, I felt ashame DX, but it happens, you need to understand other players)


Omg, I 100% agree with you, that happened to me yesterday with an Abe player, He was freaking infront of the monster while it was evolving and he started shooting at him and the monster ran off and i knew he had his dome because he never used it and that monster was leveling to stage 2


I rage quitted btw XD


Its one thing if another player gets me up if laz if being attacked. But I have no sympathy for him doing it in a noncombat situation.

I stayed in the party and switched over to monster so I could spend the next couple game taking out my furry on him.


Lol XD nice way of expressing your emotions


You have no idea. I played wraith and maxed abduction.
It was the most gratifying feeling in my life to abduct him at max range, jump farther away, and hit him with it again thanks to cool down buff and perk.