Hunters, how do you feel about Kraken?


Hey, asking you hunters out there: How do you feel about the original Kraken after the update? How do you feel fighting him & his damage output? tell me from a scale from 1-10 how sexy he is aswell

Lol jk… But honestly I would love to hear your opinions on him.

I promised myself I would start using him again after an adjust, and every single game I had so far are SUPER close ones. So I feel like he’s kinda balanced. I get strikes while the hunters get health damage on me. Fair trade.

God I love that monster so much, you have no idea. :heart:


The main problem I have with him is that I can’t aim well while he is in the air. He moves so fast, and it depends too much of the hunter I have. It’s the only monster that have this “problem”.
I hate the banshees mines, they stun you, go fast and you can’t do anything to this.

When I’m playing I have nothing to say, it’s fun to play, very different to the other monsters.


Yeah in stage 1 and 2 it can be a little bit hard to get shots on him. But he is so slow outside of combat and it’s very easy to get alot of chip damage on him + harpoon him if theres a Griffin. The banshee mines can easily be destroyed by 1 of Hydes grenades or Markovs lightning gun :slight_smile: I feel like most of my banshees get destroyed


A long time ago, the markov lightning gun destroys automatically the banshee mines, but now you need to press again the attack button to destroy them. So you don’t have time to think about them because there are too fast.


IMO Kraken is still the most OP monster.


Kraken is still the man. Not sure if Kelder is more effective or not though; they’re both equally annoying to fight and both required little to no skill to get those downs. If they made them a little faster in the air and took away some of the damage, you’d get a far more balanced monster that is more fun to fight :slight_smile:


Kraken got cooldown buffs in the recent patch. So statistically he is even more op then he was.


And damage nerfs on them, or?


Kraken’s problem is something that can’t be fixed in micropatches, so naturally he kept his spot at #1 on the monster list.


Was waiting for the kraken OP comments

People who don’t know how to handle a monster scream OP, people who enjoy waltzing into rank 2.0 and finding a monster that’s OP…

It’s a game… Relax and have fun win/lose you learn how to deal with said monsters?

Krakens alright atm banshees are weaker then they were before I currently like the state of kraken his CDr makes it really hilarious but I know they decreased the radius of AS so.


Banshee mines were reduced damage by 20-30 and heavy melee reduced by 100.


It’s not the damage the problem, it’s the fact we can’t do anything to counter this mines. Even if you have the time to dodge it will still coming at you and you will have to fire on it. Even if you dodge them there will be a lightning strike coming to you… It’s a lot of waste of time. Sometimes it works like the air melee attack.


I know same here. If you can beat it it’s not OP, just strong.


Strong* He’s still beatable :slight_smile:


delete him


Will never happen.


He is still unbalanced. I have no problem winning with him in Arena and Defend. I don’t like playing him in Hunt because he’s slow.

Honestly, the route TRS is pushing Kraken is farther from balance. Keeping him as a ranged monster only increases the skill gap, especially if they switch from Goliath to Krank, and thus, part of the reason why people thought Kelder was UP.

Keeping him ranged means hunters still can’t get revives all at the same time he is getting farther and farther away.

Krank and Bob are both top-level because they excel at body camping. Range/up close combat was never the issue. TRS just isn’t taking the right steps towards balancing Kraken and it upsets me because I love Krank.


No, make him a remodeled Goliath.


yes it will


Never been a huge fan of fighting Krakens for a few reasons. The fact that he could/can insta-down you alongside all the knockback gets on my nerve. Lightning Strike feels nigh-impossible to dodge (I know it can be done, but all these months later I still haven’t found a way to reliably do it)

And don’t get me started on the whole flying thing. As someone who plays lots of Assault all I want to do is get right up in his face, but that slimy tentacle-monster has the nerve to fly just out of reach. He’s practically asking a man not to melt faces, and melting faces is what I do!