Hunters have Nest down to a science. What do?!


I will start by saying that Monster is my 4th choice. I can handle one or 2 pro Hunters, but not an entire crew. That said, seems even the most casual pubs have learned enough to blitz Nest matches every time. Bucket can deploy Sentries and walk away (pretty broken I think, the only deployable with infinite duration), and Eggs are affected by the Damage Amplifier & Weak Points.

Additionally, you can be domed and kited at the end just long enough for Assault +1 to reach the remaining Egg and nuke it. To top it all off, Eggs turn to paper machete when Hunters hit Tier 3 (complete Tier 2). What do?! :frowning:


Actually the only deployables without an infinite duration are Toxic and Stasis grenades. I find its best to at least evolve to stage two, then hatch an egg> I’ve noticed those AI Goliath are great at focusing down Medic/Trapper; then all you have to worry about is its heath and beating down support or assault.


Destroy the sentries then. They still take time to destroy and their team will be split up. Also, eggs WILL heal over time to full (No armor though) if they don’t get hit for a while.


feed speed, get stage 2 as quickly as possible, hatch an egg, babyliath will beeline to hunters location, fight together. If they’re split, you will very likely get a few strikes on them.

sometimes i like to zero in on assault to get him to pop his shield, switch to healer or support. Once assault shield is down, jump back on him and go to town.


Hey man I found the best strategy is to hatch an egg right away and let him do what he can as you get to stage 2 (he will get destroyed lol) it’s best to roll with your guy after stage 2 and put in as much work as you can. The eggs heal after time so use that advantage. Also your minions will take you right to the hunters. (Be careful your last minion will do this and get himself killed).


The issue with that is the sentries are chewing up egg #1, meanwhile Bucket is over at #2 pelting it with rockets and Markov is over at #3 and the medic/trapper are at #4. Provided you can guess which of those eggs the turrets are at you can go break them, but you’ve still just lost 2 eggs.

And a smart Bucket will notice the egg he left his turrets at is no longer taking damage. So he’ll drop turrets at the other egg then head back towards it. You’re going to lose an egg either way. Sure, you can wait for and pounce on Bucket when he returns and take him out. Odds are you’ll lose that other egg and the one Markov is on, and probably the one the medic/trapper are on too.


Then you move to that egg. You are faster than bucket. Eventually you’ll stop all the turrets doing damage and catch up to him. Kill him and then go for the other 3.


Have to agree Nest is broken at top level play with a coordinated group.(Which is what this game was built for) Can’t remember the last time we even struggled let alone lost as Hunters. Wraith is your only viable Monster choice, and against my team I still only average a 10% win ratio. That’s with an elite buff, Stage 2 before dropship lands, Minion, and another egg still up so they can’t minion focus.