Hunters have a big disadvantage through the input lag on PS4, please give them buffs until its fixed


So how you guys know:

So some actions took up too long on PS4 to be processed than on other plattforms. This is a hudge time if you wanna doge a leap smash or what ever.

I think this is a hudge balance impact for all PS4 players.

Please give us some quickfix buffs until its fixed.


This isn’t a bug report, so I’m moving it to suggestions. I also doubt that TRS will go out of their way just because one person pretty much says “buff hunters because they suck on ps4”. That’s my opinion.


Wouldn’t Monsters share that input lag? And no, buffs shouldn’t be applied in place of bug fixes.

Edit after watching video: I’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to that. Even the PC part of the video compared to my PS4. I’ve never noticed much input lag that wasn’t a result of the network.


They dont suck its just a disadvantage, what would you think if all your inputs are delayed on PC? The Game is very bursty sometimes milliseconds can do the bet, its just sad if you lose cause of the input lag.

Yes cause a lot of PS4 console players doesnt care and not complaining here in the forum that means not I am the only one!

Yes but on monster side it takes not that strong effect. Hunters have to doge, Shield, Healburst about in seconds, Monster dont have to. I agree that buffs shouldnt be applied in place of fixes but then in that time the game is unbalanced and we all know TRS need time with the next title update so at the moment we need a quick fix that the game is even like on other plattforms.

The video is slowed down! No network just lokal play, TVs game mode. If you dont feel it you are damm slow :stuck_out_tongue: - For me it feels sluggish as hell. On PC with gamepad its awesome good.


Well unless you are more than one person requesting the suggestion in the opening post then consider me lost and a dumbass.


How long has this been a thing, because I just recently noticed it, and its incredibly annoying.


Since launch. You can definitely notice when trying to pop a heal burst or PS just at the right moment.



I suppose I’m just now noticing because I’ve been playing games with flawless gameplay.


And dont forget viewing/aiming there is the biggest delay!


It’s mostly noticeable with the Personal shield. I’ve been hit so many times where I feel I shouldn’t have with it. Before anyone asks, with 90% of those times, it wasn’t due to poor connection.


You already got a response in your other topic. It said, there will probably be improvement in the next title update. So when exactly do you want hunters to be buffed? You should know they can’t do it immediately and by the time a balanced update would be made, tested, submitted to sony and delivered to us, the new TU has already dropped.

And what do you want to get buffed? Damage? Movement? Reload? Whatever you come up with, it will be an unfair, undeserved buff, which would skew balance way more than a tiny input lag.


In the time when the patch is not arrived.

Wrong, they have an quick balance system what allows to increase/decrease some perk values without a title update. Even some values of the chracters are editable without title update like: cloaktime, cooldowns and those stuff. This is just what I heard.

No now its unfair how much time takes a leap smash? 1.5 Seconds? So we have then 1.2 Seconds doge time all other plattorms 1.5 Seconds. This input lag is not a tiny thing!


I’m sorry but against skilled hunters lag affects a monster much worse. However they should never make a temp buff for a bug on one of three platforms.


Yeah, I’ve been playing this game since release on PS4 without issues. It’s not that big of a deal. Sure, with millisecond timing, it can hurt you, but if you have looked closely enough to notice it, you are likely able to know when a Monster is going to attack and dodge early and account for it. It’s also pretty easy to see a massive rock coming towards you. Not that tough. Plus, Hunters have every advantage. Stay away from the Monster, use CC.

Monsters have it worse, they have to make constant tiny adjustments in aim and movement, as opposed to the Hunters aiming at the Monster. This comes from a Hunter main on PS4.

Buffs would massively upset the game and completely screw Monsters.


I’m new to the game and haven’t noticed it yet.
But I’ll keep an eye on that! Buffs would kill the game that is already hard enough to play on both sides. But fixing the problem would be nice…


Please use some common sense op. If this is a PS4 issue then it’s only affecting PS4 and so to “buff hunters” would be an absurd thing to do. They just need to fix the issue on PS4.


Alright, I finally watched your video.
You apply a slow motion effect on your video and afterwards take the time. So the half second delay is really just so much because of the slow mo.

PS4 might be slower than PC, but nowhere near the 0.5 seconds as you show in your video.


First please be friendly.

The video was created to show the differeces not to meassure the time. Both Videos have the same slow mo effect. So they are comparable.

But the seconds I mentioned here today were wrong. Even I was thinking that were the real times. So I think this slow mo shit should be removed. I will rework the video.


I honestly don’t feel like it’s a big deal and I play on PS4 as well.


If you feel like that your aiming must be bad with the gamepad. You need an instant reaction on the sticks the give headshots all the time.