Hunter's Guide to the TRS Forum - New User Help


A mod, Dev, leader or a friend you have on here.


PM MajorLeeHyper and MrStrategio


Updated, thanks for pointing that out @RCSRex :wink:

Devs, look at the leaderboards

How about the term getting Ninja’d?


Also, the term God dome :smile:


Maybe add that the term ‘git gud’ has also been ‘banned’ as well?


Dude. If you don’t know that the term ‘git gud’ is banned then you need to git gud because everyone should know that you must ‘git gud’ to use git gud and if you use ‘git gud’ you obviously have not got good.


Maybe put how to PM someone?


It’s already there :smile:


How about adding in the flagging description part that you can choose ‘something else’ to bring the moderators attention to the post if their help is required (maybe give an example of the type of post that may require a moderator)? However it won’t add to the posters number of flagged posts.

I know a lot of people only learned you could use this quite recently in a suggestion thread. :smile:


I don’t see it?



Updated, thanks @Jedi_Warrior :wink:


No problem. Happy to be of service. :smile:


I’m not sure how relevant it is, but maybe worth a mention, twitch links can’t be directly posted or else all you get is a black space, you need to hyperlink them (or do some other similar thing)


Thanks! :smiley:


How about adding how to enlarge and minimize text?

Enjoying Evolve

Updated, thanks @Shunty_1967 :thumbsup:


Here’s another thing, how to slant text and cross words out with a line.


And what thread you need to go to if you want your name changed.

######All of this, so helpful.

Have the Graphics Been Recently Updated?