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This thread is designed to help new users learn the ins and outs of the forum, the way it works and how to navigate it. It goes in depth on forum features and details to help you figure out what's what.

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Hello, I'm semi-new to the Evolve Forums and I need a bit of help please
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Excellent for new people great work. I can see this took a lot of effort.

Hello, new guy here
New to the community

@MajorLeeHyper It's official now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work scott!


Also how you make polls


Nice work dude. I can imagine that took quite a lot of time to do looking at the amount of detail you went into. Hopefully it will prove very useful for new users. smiley


I love that this is here.


@The_CreatorX Might I suggest the forum lingo known as rezzing a thread or "necro". The act of commenting on a thread that nobody has commented on for a long period of time. Are you willing to put that in?


It is essential. stuck_out_tongue


Updated, thanks @Lord_Pharaoh and @Magik_boom.

Im new to this forum so a little "introduction"

Hello! Just a little suggestion, it would be nice if you add how to write spoilers in the forums, I remember I had some trouble the first time I tried to use it sweat_smile


{spoiler} TEXT HERE {/spoiler}
Change { } to [ ] though.


I know how though sweat_smile Just suggesting, but thank you smile


Updated with how to do spoilers. Thanks @Buckets_Sentry_Gun and @Shin.


(s) Text here. (/s)
Replace ( with [.

Removed comment, still felt 'twas easy enough to explain it for you.

How to poll? quick question? hurry MODS

Wrong thread buddy sweat_smile Where did you wanted to post this?



Oh no....


If I want to message someone about an exploit (I don't want to show god domes on the forums), who do I talk to?