Hunters getting destroyed at spawn


Has this happened to anyone else?

I was in a game yesterday when IIRC one of the top 10 Xbone Krakens joined and got monster. The map was Distillery? Anyways we drop from the ship and there are banshee mines. This is nothing new but then suddenly there was a lightning strike coming.

I noticed in time and jetted back avoiding all damage, but my 3 teammates were not as aware/fortunate, they all took MASSIVE damage. Like, each of them 60% or higher health loss. It was a random squad of people I didn’t know and no one else was using their mics so you can guess how the game finished. Markov guy did not even bother to shield and was down. Crow was next. Then the medic, I forget who it was. I had laid down a shield drone and was trying to damage it as much as possible but eventually I popped my cloak and tried to sneak off but he followed my tracks and pounced me.

Never saw anything like it. I have dropped down in Hunt and ended up landing by a monster before but it was always due to that monster user not knowing wtf they were doing. Is this a viable strategy a lot of Kraken guys use? I understand it is the most OP monster right now, but Jeebus.

I guess he obviously had points in banshee and LS. Probably damage buff perk or cooldown. Wonder why you can kind of take control of your hunter at the end of a respawn drop but not the initial one? If we could pop a shield or cloak on the way down if we see banshee mines that would be nice. And I guess this tactic probably doesn’t work as well against a premade squad who is communicating.


Forget pre-mades, this tactic won’t work even if you have four players, not communicating, who know what to do. It’s called Monster suicide for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kraken OP that’s why :slight_smile:


Seems like a good tactic against randoms. Most randoms are pretty bad at responding to unknown tactics


Whenever you drop, you can start jetpacking before you land.

This tactic is especially brutal when they are higher stage, buffed, and waiting for 2 or 3 members of your team to respawn after a fight gone bad. If your guys aren’t there waiting, which can be dangerous, most Monsters can start doing damage before everyone knows what’s going on & can take people out before the team can regroup. This is why you need mics and silent random PuGs are awful.


When I first read this I though you said, “I forgot who I was,” like you totally lost your sense of identity by watching the slaughter of your team. made me laugh a little bit.

sorry pal but to me it sounds like you guys just straight up got annihilated. Kraken is pretty darn strong but I can confidently say that he’s not strong enough to reliably dismantle teams straight off the opening dropship.


I’ve had this happen to me with some decent Hunters stage 1. The Kraken got a quick 35% Elite buff near the spawn as we dropped.


There is a sloth near the spawn there on Distillery, maybe he got that. Fusion Plant could be another easy one.


I had the exact same thing three games in a row while playing with randoms this week.

The guy was actually playing Behemoth. First game as we dropped, I said I think I see him right where we’re going to land, no one else had mics and it’s ps4 so it may just have been garbled screaming to them. Anyway, we land, I immediately boost to the left and throw the dome to trap him but they all just stand and get hit by the lava bomb.

Same as with you, assault doesn’t bother to pop his shield and after the fissure he’s almost dead. I’m shooting the monster but they were all so disorganized and they all moved to the same area. One or two hits and medic and support are down. Assault goes down fast and then I’m the only one left.

I run but can’t really get away from the big boulder and as I jump I get grabbed out of the air in a pounce. Game over.

The same thing happened in the next two games and I have to say I can’t remember the last time I was so frustrated. It was so obvious he was going to do it again but they all reacted slowly and it played out almost exactly the same. After the third time of me being the lone survivor, I just decided to leave the game.

I don’t think the player was exceptional, but if you are playing against a disorganized team then I think it’s a valid gamble to get some early strikes or win the game outright.


Yeah playing random squads is key. I might try this next time I am monster on Fusion Plant.

I wonder if it’s better to have 2 in LS and 1 in mines to start or vice versa.


I would go two LS and one in mines too. You hit them with the LS the moment they land, let the mines go after them while you focus on the medic. If you can kill the medic then you’re off to a good start as it’s all real damage after that.


That’s the first thing I thought as well. Early sloth buff and CD perk, in the hands of a skilled Kraken player. Add in the surprise factor and it’s gonna hurt.