Hunters flying up in the air


How do you deal with hunters that fly up in the air?

it’s wraiths ultimate weakness I try to warp blast or abduct but it most likely misses unless I get lucky.


Wraith has pretty good air control. He can warp up into the air and use a heavy attack to force someone to the ground. Other options include the aforementioned warpblast and abduct.


It’s true but this was before wraiths air melee changed now that it has its completely broken.


Haven’t played wraith much since they changed that myself. I think you could still pull it off effectively, even if it is harder. But, I dunno.


Trust me the air melee is absolutely broken you may be able to hit a hunter in midair but that’s like 0.1% of time

poor wraith why does she suffer so much ;_;


Have you tried to use warp blasts early detonation by pressing its button again?
I find doing that helps alot.


Yea I know that move.

I warp blast up in the air where the hunter it does work at times and other times it doesn’t.

You gotta be really lucky


As a silver lineing, by the time those hunters land, they tend to be out of jet pack which means they become much easier to focus down without their ability to dodge.


i missed the old wrap range, i mean the warp teleport, not the blast. it was sometimes usefull to escale if you have no amor and low health after doom match


You could also get a point into abduct to just drag them down again, the cooldown is very short.


Abduct is the ultimate counter to it. If I use a SN, I’ll sometimes hold the AB, so when they dodge up, I’ll AB them back and use a WB. You may need to warp backwards to be able to get the angle you need, and you’ll have to be quick on the trigger. If there’s a Sunny, and you’ve done this often, they may be prepared to dodge the AB, in which case I would mix it up by attacking the Sunny instead.


Yeah this, very easy counter to pull off whenever I watch it happen because wraiths melee knock back is like being hit by a wholly mammoth.