Hunters falling off high advantageous points?!


Has anyone noticed that if you are on a high a ledge or any where stationary shooting at the monster your character moves or falls off? this is extremely frustrating when shooting down on “safe” high points and the oh so precious jet pack fuel is very much limited… I have noticed much more with the assault class but they all do it. Is this part of gameplay or is this a bad bug?


Not sure if that is the reason, but I notice that I’m falling down ledges quite a lot while shooting from an above ledge for some reason. I’ve always put it off as me accidentally pressing the forward button, but now I’m thinking otherwise.


No it is not you hitting the forward stick. I thought that too at first, I tested it over and over, without even touching the joysticks. Sometimes your team will bump into you and that can move you around and push you off as well, but I’ve done it with no hunters around me and it is effectively active in the gameplay.