Hunter's ethnic Background: TRS can into diversity?


“Ðorde Živkovic, better known as Lazarus,”

Doesn’t sound so German to me.

Sure he yells achtung in the mobile app but I have my restrictions taking the mobile game too serious, I think the creators just took some liberties with that game and what to put in there. But I have never heard anything in the main game that strengthens the point of him having German roots…

Do you mean these?

Sadly no Lazarus yet. I have some memory of the devs poiting out Lazarus had Serbian/Croatian heritage back in the day a very long time ago pre-release. Don’t ask me to find it though… there is so many more posts here now on the forum… :slight_smile:


Im telling you friend, there is a dialogue in the dropship where one of the hunters refers to Lazarus as “my German friend here”. Believe me or not, im 100% sure about it. If you know any German people, you would know he also sounds very German.

The name means nothing, he could be German, with a name of different descent, just like i know people in the UK called Matesevicius, who are English with English accents.

Also, if he isn’t German, why would they use a German word for him in the companion app? There is no smoke without fire.


Do you now what hunter composition it is to replicate it? Otherwise I will have a hard time to find it.

But I’m telling you friend I am certain that I read that he had Croatian/Serbian roots here on the forums back in it’s early form when people where curious to know more of the newly revealed tier 2 characters and asked the devs frequently about it.

Sadly I don’t have any proof other than my word exactly as you.
So either of us will be able to convince the other without any proof…

The voices are restricted to the voice actors they where able to find though. Maggie can’t pronounce Ruva correctly, Val can’t pronounce hear last name correctly ect. as people pointed out earlier.

Language speaking and ethnicity isn’t the same eaither though.
You could be from one part of the world as a child and then raised in a different location and adopted the language their. Your ethnicity would still be from the original location.

We can go on and on but without any proof we will not be able to settle this.

It isn’t the same people doing the two different games, miscommunication or liberties taken etc. If you want cannon I would take the companion app with a nip of salt as it isn’t our beloved Turtlerock Studios who made it.


I was just thinking the same. Props to them on the diversity. Everyone has their own individual personality and such as well. I kinda wish they had more in-game background info on them.


I cant remember the hunter composition but i know one of them was Hank, and im pretty sure it was Hank that said it. I have only heard it once since i began playing and i have 350 wins and even more games played. Someone else must have heard it, anyone here has heard the dialogue?

Like i said anyway, its just a game and the VA’s are not necessarily representative of any proposed backgrounds.

My point about the companion app, is if the team that made it didn’t get background on each hunter, why would they decide to even to put a German word in? Lazarus is not a German name, its Hebrew. There is no reason for the companion app people to use the word achtung unless they had background on the characters from somewhere, to state he was in fact German.

EDIT: it might have been Cabot who said it actually

The Ethnicity of Lazarus, Ðorde Živkovic Revealed (Not German)

The Ethnicity of Lazarus, Ðorde Živkovic Revealed

OK, let’s start with this good old good thread. Good old pal and internet lurker Yoppe on Steam helped me too dig it up.
(He have never visited these forums before)

SlabOMeat = CO-founder.

He answers about Lazarus Etnichity.

Hard proof. ^

The meaning behind the name Lazarus

Don’t take Lazarus quote “Achtung” from Companion app for canon/real lore. There can be liberties taken and miscommunication from the official lore creators. It is not Turtlerock Studios who made the Companion app.

Lazarus is not his real name it is surely more of a title. There where many Lazarus men during the Chem Wars.

The Lazarus name/tile of the Lazarus men with their Lazarus devices is a reference to Lazarus of Bethany, also known as Saint Lazarus or Lazarus of the Four Days. He is the subject of a prominent miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after his death.

The Lazarus name is touched in other popular culture media as the movie Interstellar where the big project to save the human race is named “Lazarus”.

It is also a reference in the Mass Effect series, their Lazarus Project was the sole purpose of whichto bring Commander Shepard back from the dead. See a pattern?

The Ethnicity of Lazarus, Ðorde Živkovic Revealed (Not German)

I know who Slabomeat is! Lol.

Fair enough though mate, but i am still 100% on the dialogue i heard. Unless another hunter is German.


Great! I had my worries but then I’m sorry for stating the obvious.

Well if you find that quote be sure to share it, interesting see who it is talking about who! I’m still 100% that Lazarus have Serbian heritage though :wink:

I haven’t posted that much but I have lurked on these forums from the beginning so I have seen a thing or too but before release Plaff and the others have always been too fast to link things for the need for me to care about digging around old posts.

Now with so many more users there is going around so much more misinformation and false rumors. :disappointed:


Those stories actually inspired my original list


Gees, you two really got me thinking about Lazarus, exited to see what this conversation comes to.


You obviously don’t know any German people, then. Lazarus doesn’t have a German accent at all.


Well, the term “race” is popular in English or French speaking countries, whereas other nations usually prefer the term subspecies. The term “race” then is used to name artificially bred subspecies, such as a labrador, chihuahua and what have you. While there’s still an old debate going on, modern day Zoologists would tell you that “humans” are a species, rather than a race. Not saying there aren’t any (albeit very minor) differences between people from different continents/origin, just stating the term “race” by definition is inadequate and difficult to apply to human beings, and not just because of Hitler. Race is rather a socio-psychological phenomenon and anthropologists who tried to classify humans and divide them into races always included social valuation in order to do so, because explaining human “races” is difficult with biology alone. How do I know? I am a biologist and my major was evolutionary biology. Sorry to disappoint, but no liberal arts school and no jesus here either.

There’s a great quote from a German author. I don’t remember the name and the exact quote but it doesn’t matter anyway. Something along: “Our genes unite us - our prejudices divide us.”


I speak German (Norddeutsch, if you really want to pick at it) fluently and Lazarus does not sound German at all. His name is Serbian and he sounds distinctly Slavic. I would know. The other half of my family is Ukrainian.



This is wrong.

To be more accurate, the characters are more to be representative of cultures. Not necessarily ethnicities.

The original 4 characters, Cabot, Parnell, Abe, and Caira where kind of just generic, so they made them all distinct ethnicities, just to cover all bases.

Cabot was originally White. He was changed to a generalized Asian guy…likely to not play bias toward one culture, which tends to be a toss up between Chinese and Japanese.

Parnell was always Black. As in Black American. That’s what he represents.

Abe is just…Abe.

Caira is I guess supposed to be generalized Latina. Or maybe even Spanish (from Spain.)

Val represents the Scandanavian countries, (though born on Venus. Specifically Poland, despite being named for Valkyries.)

Markov represents Russia (and in the dialogue between Val and Markov, he is Russian by culture, Martian by birth.

M: “How very Russian of you.”
V: “How would you know? You’ve never even been to Russia.”
M: “Mars is a Russian planet.”

Hank represents generalized American. Particularly the more rural or southern regions, based on his accent and general trucker/mechanic vibe. Plus dat barbecue.

Griffin represents Australians & is basically Steve Irwin. Plus sweet beard. Minus the stingrays.

Hyde has a distinct Liverpool accent and thus represents England. Hyde also may allude to Dr. Jekyll…also English (it takes place in London, despite the Scottish author.)

Maggie Lumumba represents African cultures. Particularly Pan-Africa, according to Bucket, though she does not really identify strongly with it. Just casually stating Shona as part of her heritage. The tribal designed tattoos and careful wording of “settlement”, likely alluding to “village” also hint at this.

Lazarus is incredibly Serbian. Oh goodness. Maybe representing Serbia-Croatia.

Bucket was created on Earth and Rank-Rajat alluded to at least a British-Indian background. Rabat is an Indian name. If you know history, India was a British colony before gaining independence. See: Ghandi. Many of Indian decent and those at British-Indian schools have such an accent.

The characters are representative of cultures and ethnicities, though they may not be from said locations on Earth.

This leads to other influences (I chose the most easily recognizable - apologies if they don’t represent everyone) likely down the line:

  • German, French, Creole, Québécois (maybe even Canada)
  • Irish, Welsh, Scottish
  • Portguese, Spanish, Italian
  • Native American, Mexícan, (other Latin Americans)
  • Carribean & West Indies (though, it looks like our new Support might be influenced…)
  • Greek (Mediterranean)
  • Egyptian, Arabic, Israeli (Middle Eastern…and try to keep any racism to a low…)
  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Hawai’ian, Samoan, Mäori, (other Oceanians)
  • Aboriginal
  • (other Nordic countries, maybe a strong Viking stereotype)
  • (Southeast Asia? Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, etc.)

That’s my two sense.


When does this happen!? Can I please know when, where and what happened exactly? Pretty please?


In a drop ship convo, it’s something along the lines of:

Val: Alright team, make sure you stay close
Abe: How close do you want me?
Val: …Not THAT close…


I meant the Markov one :sweat_smile:


I think Markov slip some words towards Val in the hunter tutorial and there is a similar conversation going on in the dropship. Don’t remember for sure though


As a Val fan boy I must find out! Goes to play Evolve


You’re an inspiration to us all! What an attitude :wink: