Hunter's ethnic Background: TRS can into diversity?


So I’ve unlocked all of the characters in Evolve and have to complement TRS on the level of ethnic diversity among the hunters. I really appreciate the fact that we’re not seeing a bunch of American-only characters and get a feeling of a unified humanity, which has left behind cultural clashes and idealistic quarrels.
Here I’ve compiled a list of ethnicities/nationalities present in the game, read it at your leisure. If I’m forgetting something, feel free to correct me.

5 Americans - Val, Hank, Abe, Slim (Accent based)
3 Asian / Asian-American - Cabot, Sunny, Crow.
2 Africans/African Americans - Maggie and Parnell
2 Slavs - Lazarus and Markov
2 Anglo-Saxons - Bucket (technically not, but DAT ACCENT) and Hyde
1 Scandinavian - Torvald
1 Hispanic - Caira
1 Australian - Griffin
2 Beasts - Daisy and Gobi

I would really love to see more Western Europe or Middle East represented, e.g. a German, French or Arab Hunter.
But in any case, thank you TRS for awesome diversity and multicultural approach to the game, I feel like a lot of people (not just Americans) can identify with the characters. :slight_smile:

Cutural Diversity for Hunters



I actually remember somebody from the dev team saying that this was exactly the intent - humanity seemingly no longer having issues with ethnic stuff, and instead looking like every ethnic group has a place in space.


Country balls slang, too much 9gag takes it’s toll :slight_smile:


Val isn’t American nor is Cabot


Then who are they?


Val is Polish and Cabot is of Asian decent but has a lot of other stuff mixed in there based on a comment by the devs/on the wiki and his name


Read the Wiki, but what about their accents? Val never speaks like Laz or Markov given their Slavic heritage, so I would assume that Wolski is just a rudimentary last name, not reflective of her national heritage ( she is an Americanized Pole, so to say). As for Cabot, I doubt that the name William is very popular among the Asian cultures, therefore I also assumed he is “Americanized”. Also, in the “Cabot Story” he is very impatient and not self-restrained - a phenomenon very atypical for the Asian culture.
I guess only @Matthew knows the answer, since he is the writer for TRS.


Maggie sounds nothing like a Shona speaking person let alone someone from Southern Africa. Matthew’s explanation was they went for a neutral accent due to lack of suitable/available voice actors. The same could easily apply here


smh…I can see you’re trying, kudos for that. But just pls don’t. The ignorance is too strong


Please explain


He is referring to the game having diverse ethnic backgrounds? Im not confused he is making an observation, the accents in the game don’t seem too important as most humans now live in outer space on different planet’s therefore they’re original regional accents would have mostly been lost, in reference too maggie and val.


Nobody refers to black people in America as “Africans”.


Who told you Maggie was African American?


He said African American I assume referring to parnell and africans referring to maggie? I don’t see an issue here as that is they’re ethnic origin.


If you want to get technical, she’s neither African or African-American. She’s from Factor. The voice acting is done by Cherise Boothe, who doesn’t sound African in the slightest. So who told YOU that she’s African?


She’s Factorican-American. There I settled this silly technicality.


I don’t have much to add in to the discussion (I already gave my 2 cents a few days ago in a different thread), I just wanted to say that I find it difficult to call Val Polish if she can’t even pronounce her own name properly.

‘Valerie WOLski’. Honey… it’s pronounced ‘VOLski’.

Also @Slewey Regular you mean African-Factorian?


That could work, now we got choices to pick from.


Did you just give props to TRS for being Ethnicly diverse on one hand then turn around and use sterotyping to classify them(the hunters) with the other?