Hunters dropping in right as feeding animation stopped


I just played a game and where during the feeding animation that you always have at the start of a match the hunters dropped in they surrounded me and shoot me right as my animation stopped…
it happened on destillery.
what is that shit took a loss without any chance of doing anything


Happend to me on ps4 as well😢


This has happened to me too on ps4, the game started and the hunters were right on top of me before i could move, I somehow managed to get away and win the game but i feel that if the trapper had trapped me i would have lost for sure.


Happened 3 times in a row now for me no way in winning this i am done with playing monster this is retarded…

Also black screen since patch so you lose time to get away…

You cant even leave well you can but it still kills you W/L got equal to 10 loses just by bugs now ruining my W/L not counting the matches i really lost and ofc took the lose.


That is rather odd, what are you playing on?



10 chars


I made another thread about this. I have the same problem sometimes especially on defend as hunters. He spawns right at the first generator


I’ve had this with Behemoth on defend, i spawned at the first generator. Not sure if it is 100% repro. though and it seems to be a different bug compared to early hunter spawn.

Not experienced early spawn on hunt yet, though.


That just happened to me. The Monster & the Hunters spawned on top of each other on Defend.


I had it in normall hunt!