Hunter's doppelgangers


While watching Heroes Reborn ive come across Maggie’s doppelganger

Judith Shekoni as Joanne Collins

Post your suggestions wchich real life actors are doppelgangers of other hunters

Who would you cast in an "Evolve movie"?

Nathalie Emmanuel, Sunny! :slightly_smiling:


Nah, boobs too big



DB Sinclair as Tech Hank


Wesley Snipes = James Parnell


Me and my mom said the EXACT same thing when we watched Heroes Reborn. My mother repeatedly mentioned how ugly she looked, lol. Like, incessantly. All this woman needs is a mutant/alien pet dog.


Sorry, Parnell’s doppleganger has to be (a slightly older)

John Boyega, hands down doppleganger.

Edit: I may just be biased against Snipes :stuck_out_tongue:


Jamie Lee Curtis, Lennox?


Yeah, I can see that.


The godly Crow? The look is uncanny.


A lot of the voice actors look like their characters


Markov (with hair)





Omg!!! They do!! 0____0

searches for bucket

He better have a missile launcher!!


Sadly they had to get a human to be the VA for bucket, so no missiles



Woah :heart_eyes:


When I saw Laz’s actor, the line “It is weakened!” just went through my head. Might be because I just played a couple of matches, lol. But he looks cool. Dying to see Bucket and Cabot’s voice actors. Their voices are way too cool.


If you click the topic I listed it shows the T1-3 hunters VAs
But Bucket is Peter Jessop

Cabot is Daniel Riordan

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