Hunters dont die apparently? - Resolved


Just played a match as Wraith against a team with Val as their Medic – I killed three of them but in 5 seconds tops they came back even though I had gotten a “x is dead” message for every character and there isn’t a chance the countdown to come back was up. Felt pretty ridiculous to have them come back after I ticked the knockdown count so many times.
Tl;Dr can Hunters be brought back from the dead without Lazarus somehow or was my game just broken


Absolutely not. Hunters stay dead without Laz. Either your game was bugged- which is strange, seeing as this bug never popped up in any of the three major playtests or the dev’s game time- or they actually had Laz.


Unless they tricked you by naming their Laz player ‘Val’ I would say that’s a bug.

Unless one of their teammates (or daisy) had died a while back to wildlife, in which case it’s fine



The only way I can imagine this problem happening is if the ship was already in bounds.


Actually I think I made the mistake of seeing Hank’s blue shield beam trail and assuming it was Val’s healing which is of course not blue
Pretty sure they had Laz

That’s what a while away from the game will do to ya I guess, false alarm :joy:


Ah, that’s it!

Seeing as you’ve gotten this cleared up, you should ask a Mod or a Leader to close it.


I remember one “server” I wound up in, it was me and 2 friends, a guy who had monster as #1 and a guy with monster way down the line. We played 3 games with the same monster and randy hunter (obv the 3 of us were always hunter)

At the start of 2 of the 3 rounds, our teammate got seperated from us (we weren’t baby sitting him focusing on the chase, turn around and he’s gone off and got himself snagged by wildlife.

Oh well, we’ll manage…

Put some hurt on the monster, he takes out 2 more of us… drop ship arrives mid fight.

Happened in 2 of 3 games with that lobby. lol