Hunters do not wait at power relay - signal boost


I’d like to think I’m a fairly experienced player. I have been playing with my friends since the alpha. I just want to say I absolutely hate when the SECOND the monster turns Stage 3 the other players just book it to the relay. Hunters should stay ON the monster and prevent them from getting any more armor.

I understand the desire too, especially if you are Maggie or Markov, to lay down traps. But I can assure you, it’s horrible just to wait at the relay while the monster is getting stronger then to just get stuck in a KILLBOX once the monster is ready to fight.

I want to spread this to everyone. Please move with the team, I hate to see 3 teammates tracking down the monster while the assault refuses to move from the relay. In those last moments, every member is crucial and its way too risky to hunker down and hold out.

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While I agree about instantly running, but when you know you cannot get the monster in the box before he gets armor, or if its just a wraith, who has almost no armor to get anyway, it is a viable strategy. Its frustrating if your team decides to go on a wild goose chase with no inkling of the monster’s position, causing the dome in a crap place, and losing because of it.


Yes, I know. and I agree with you there are times where you shouldn’t. But I have found that most times the monster has made its position clear with birds or an easily trackable escape and people still abandon and leave.


Getting full armor is a matter of seconds.


Thats def your playstyle and probably not others.

Pros and cons to everything. Chasing a Stage 3 monster can be seen as pretty “dumb”. Setting up for a fight at the relay with traps can be quite smart to have the advantage.

Personally I go to the relay, its open, and usually hunters can spread out against a stage 3 monster. On top of that with the traps/team comp, you could literally strip it of all its armor from the traps. Tracking a stage 3 monsters is death in my eyes, it cant get any stronger or any higher amount of armor. All it can get is the buffs and I dont even think it matters anymore at stage 3.

Like I said its your playstyle. I personally dont like to run into a trap against a stage 3 monster.


I understand that. And I have been just skeptical with that lately because of how little it seems to work for me. I guess I’m more inclined to try it out as a strategy, but I’ve been dealing with too many people who retreat back when we have the monster clearly on the run.


Depends on the map and situation. I have seen some great power relay stage 3 defenses. This is because most people know the layout around the power relay as opposed to the exact layout of the map. One of the map provides a lot of elevation outside of the power relay which can be used to juke the monster. Like I said, it all depends on the hunter’s strategy and the map.


Agreed, unless you know you’ve lost track of the monster, keep hassling it, it’s pretty much your only real chance to still win


haha, I guess we have different experience. Likely due to trappers on my team…


When I’m faced with this decision, I ask the team and myself if we could even find the monster within 20 or 30 seconds. If you can’t find the monster fast, you run a much higher chance of getting caught in a awful position to fight in. You do bring up a really good point though. It’s extremely frustrating when you catch the monster within that short window and one teammate already disconnected when it reached stage 2, and another guy is already at the relay. I feel like this is more of a communication issue and the author gives a good message that you should stick with the team. Even if you think they’re making a bad decision. You’ll have a much better chance of winning the game with the team then sitting all by yourself.


Yeah not seeing how chasing a level 3 is a good idea. You risk fighting it in an event worse version of a kill box. Fights don’t get much better than at the relay… Except that one where the relay is in doors. If the monster has a chance to reach stage 3 my team tends to kill the perk carriers early game so that by the time the hunt is uo it won’t get something “devastating” like damage up, health regeneration or defense up. You also don’t have to fight it in a a relay antagonize it into chasing you to a better spot. An example would be a wraith fight I recently had where we forces the wraith to fight us in an area next to the relay with no corners for it to hide in. If it tried to abduct it would get domed due to harpoon traps scattered around if it went for the relay it would get shot because we were all standing within line of site.


Man it really depends on what is going on, and where we are on the map. I always laugh with joy when hunters try to keep coming at me at stage 3. Unless I know right where he is I don’t like to chase. He can lead you somewhere he has a huge advantage. I don’t like running right back just really is a judgement call.


Full armor comes very quickly, and sometimes it is just better to fight somewhere you know you won’t get ambushed.

That said I think it could be a good idea for coordinated teams to hunt for an albino buff for the coming showdown.


Lots of hunters end up barreling on the hunt when in reality they could be only 100m from a stationary evolving monster. Yes, avoid fighting in bad locations, but the opportunity to fight a monster with low to no armour, especially when the monster is still in the mindset to flee to strengthen itself, especially when done hp damagyou’hpe at earlier stages, shouldn’t be avoided lightly.


one game i evolved right beside a 35% damage boost, ate it. hunters engaged me 5 seconds later. i proceeded to stomp them in 10 seconds (they had a lazarus).

it is a bit risky and will almost never pay out. when the monster knows where good terrain is, he will just evolve there.


It’s all situational, I don’t have time today for another hypothetical choose your own adventure thread.


I usually try to look for the monster a bit longer. If it takes 30 seconds or the monster is between the hunters and the relay? Go to the relay.

The relay is often a good place to fight for the hunters and the monster is going to come there. If you take too long finding him, he’ll definitely have full armor (especially if he’s smart and kills some wildlife around before evolving, quick food right after!)


What I’ve seen work well is for us hunters to take a position that benefits us 50-80 meters away from the relay. When the monster attacks the relay, interrupt him. Allow him to come to you, when he does that’s when you dome him. It will also prevent him from getting to the relay, set the advantage (what you can find vantage wise that will help) of location to benefit the hunters. Additionally this will make him have to cover two positions, while sometimes indecisive on which to go for.

Seems like a way of getting the ball in your court.


Unless the monster is properly hurting I never bother doming at stage 3. I’ll dome to prevent it fleeing when we’re on a roll, but that’s about it. Better freedom of movement and fleeing is usually more worthwhile against a stage 3 monster. Again. Situational.


yeah doming a stage 3 monster is 7 out of 10 times a bad idea ^^