Hunters, Do not fight a behemoth in a cave!


I thought this was common sense but apparently it isn’t. Torvald players, you are useless in a cave. Hank players, no orbital in a cave. Everyone else, you have less mobility in a cave. Trapper, do not dome a behemoth in the cave. It is where they want to fight and will down everyone. I’m sick of loosing to a behemoth because the team keeps fighting in a cave or a location with low mobility.


don’t help hunters plz :cry: we monsters are UP atm, give us a break :confused:


I know this but since I mainly play in pubs (none of my friends want to buy evolve! :cry:) They ALWAYS (except for the rare AMAZING random) go after him like a terrier, a really dumb terrier but a terrier nonetheless. I stand outside and watch them get slaughtered (only since as torvald I don’t dare) and tell them don’t go in there and get out of there. I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it didn’t really matter… :cry:


That’s why I hate broken hill mine as hank being my main support



I do the same thing. I warn them, “if you go in there we are all going to die. Let him stay in the cave if he wants.” But do they listen? No. Then they die and the behemoth comes after me then I die when he tounge grabs and stealth pounces me. The same outcome happens every time they fight a behemoth waiting inside.


I’ll stop fighting in caves when Hunters stop picking Hank and Torvald all the time.


I’m not asking you to not fight in caves, I do too when I’m behemoth because it’s easy. But I play Hunter more often and would like other hunters to stop dying to stage 1 behemoths because they think they have the advantage even in a cave.


All monster aren’t meant to be messed with caves in general. I don’t know why people do it, and I especially don’t get how one hunter is incapacitated in the cave and another hunter is going for the revive.