Hunters Disengaging from the Fight


Hello everyone.

I am going to keep it brief but since Support no long has cloaking I am finding it next to impossible for the Hunters to disengage the Monster should they choose to.

Perhaps I am just doing it wrong but is anyone else experiencing this difficulty? I remember the Cloak used to be the Go-to disengage but now I find I have nothing to use. Also on a side note, I might be bad but Support’s new Shield boost feels weak.

Any thoughts?


I feel that people are going to need to find their way on this. From the short few games I’ve had I think that hunters need to disengage actively. Since their jetpack is no longer wasted by being hit by abilities, every hunter has the chance to properly scatter if they really want to disengage, and if the monster gets a strike then it’s only adding 7 seconds or so to the dropship.

I guess I feel that given a little time hunters will learn how to disengage even if it does cost one of them a strike, but that this is ok!

In the games I had today I had to fight real hard to shake off the feeling that we, as hunters, had lost because I was the only one left alive. Soon enough they were all back on the ground and we were ready to rock again… the dangers of being caught while disengaging are significantly lower, especially in the early game… and in the late game I don’t really think hunters should be able to easily leave a monster that wants to murder them anyway :slight_smile:


A full shield is about 1/2 the hunter’s hp, I think the new support ability gives 50% shield, which is 1/4 of hunter hp which is probably enough to tank one heavy attack or a level 1/2 ability (only level 3 increases dmg) anything else would chip into their hp

I don’t think there is any other way to disengage from a fight, they’ve removed the ability to take down the dome. The dome lasts for 5 mins and each down reduces the timer on the dome by 210 seconds (3.5 mins), so if you’ve already fought for a good minute or so and a teammate goes down, you can all gtfo, but so can the monster…obviously


The cloak was taken out for the because of ease of disengaging and drawing the game out.


[quote=“ReissyBoi97, post:3, topic:88496”]
they’ve removed the ability to take down the dome.[/quote]

I think they gave every hunter the ability to take down the dome. I’m not sure how myself but that’s what I heard.


If so you’re going to get a lot of trolls instantly taking down the dome as soon as someone’s put it up, letting the monster escape and having to endure the cooldown. Since this is now f2p, this will almost be guaranteed to happen now little kids can download the game and think they’re funny

There’s really no need to take the dome down, only when your medic gets incapped, but at that point 3.5 mins of the dome has now gone


It’d be good if someone could try it, I’m not sure that you can actually take the dome down at all.


People just need to dodge better :stuck_out_tongue: … no seriously Supports shield feels pretty good.
And although I have not actually taken a dome down , I have some times misclicked during the fights and saw a bar loading that indicated that the dome would come down. Anyone can take the dome down too.


If this gets buffed I will never play the game again until it’s gets nerfed


This doesnt seem like it would be too hard to do, since ive done it plenty of times as non support characters. Once you realize that the fight is going really bad, and everyone on your team is close to dying but not dead yet, you can usually run away in time. Plus, the monster’s smell range is shorter now so you can get away easier.