:Hunter's comprehensive gude to Shear: "Tips"


I hope this thread is useful… And will either be added to some kind of hunters tip thread or spawn its own… So here ya go

By the way I am no Evolve expert… Just a Fanboy who can’t put the game down… So help me put together a tips page fools!!!


Is it your first drop on Shear, nervous? Don’t be, stay ahead of the curve with these smart tips…

Be attentive: from the first screen you should be looking to see what your teammates pick… Because if your medic just decided to be Lazarus you probably shouldn’t take Cabot… It might work out for you but… No, then again it probably won’t

Communicate: did you know that you have a whole 2 minutes before drop… Plenty of time to tell your support that you’ll never get a dome unless he plays sunny… Or that your picking a necessary buff and would like a early wildlife perk… Sometimes someone might even listen


Know your role: do me a favor… You’ve only got 4 skill my friend… Use them… If sunny is in front… She’s messing up… If griffin has less then 4 sound spikes… He’s messing up… If Cabot don’t dust tag… Well u get it

ASSAULT: Shoot… No not the wild life hyde the monster… And dammit wait till we get into the dome… Please

Important skills: Accuracy, Good timing with the shield, Good damage management and knowing when to get out to get healed

Markov: he plays the role of the turtle… Good midrange damage… And the ability to deny the monster certain areas with mines makes Markov a staple of any defensive minded team

Hyde: the offensive minded assault… The Flame thrower is face meltingshoawesome DPS… and the lung melting poison nades makes him pack twice the punch… If your posion grenade is not on cooldown… Then ur messing up

Parnell: he is the damage heavy monster of the group with his SS formula pulsing through his veins… Generally Parnell should go all out switching between shotgun and rocket launcher… But be sure to keep an eye on ur health and shield timer more so than other assaults

Torvald: oh torvald… How I love ur long range mortars of decimation… He is very self explanatory… But don’t forget to rotate you weak point grenade into the mix

TRAPPER: it is your job to find and dome the monster… Essentially your the first guy blamed if ANYTHING monster related goes wrong

Important skills: jetpack fuel management, good monster tracling, good knowledge of dodging monster/prolonging life

Maggie: i hate you Maggie… But you taught me to track… And having to rely on that kinda wonky… One step too slow daisy… You taught me to track damn well having to fight an uphill battle… Use her mines… And you’ll know Maggie’s only secret weapon

Griffin: good tracking and great crowd control made griffin the go to guy for the average hunter team… Do realize that griffins tracker refreshes about once every sencobd so the monster is normally right in front of the signal… Also griffins crowd control is hard to hit with… But always stops the monster dead in its tracks

Abe: he sacrifices tracking for a stronger weapon, and his crowd control is weaker than the first two… While also being much easier to deploy… Abes tracking dart makes him extremely hard to shake as long as he has line of sight… But has the most trouble finding the monster

Crow: IMO he is the best trapper thus far… Because he is the trapper most deicated to “individual” play great monster control with stasis gun… Armor piercing rounds… And go is streamlined searching make him the best choice for skilled trappers (opinion)

MEDIC stop shooting the monster… Unless your healing device is on cooldown, everyone’s health is full or the monster is retreating you should do almost nothing except heal and annoy monster momentarily

Important skills: accuracy, team management, good monster dodging skill, knowing when to use utility

Val: underestimated… Underappreciated… whatever you want to call it… Val’s highly visible medgun make her a high value target… Val relies on her team to defend her… Seeing as she can’t survive any amount of focus or get herself out of trouble

Lazarus: its funny how people cried about Val’s survivability when Lazarus literally IS the character who screams kill me first!!! His unconventional heals lead to some very interesting situations… But a smart laz has to know how to balance when torevive a teammate and when to avoid getting downed… Causes he’s kinda important… And the team is better of without a trapper then with a penalized Lazarus

Caira: the self healing well rounded queen… AOE healing nades, fire nades, AND speed boost? She needs no explanation… Only solid understanding of healing, focus, and when to run

Slim: the HARD medic… He has the easiest time healing fellow teammates… And he is the highest damaging medic currently… But he is also played in an extremely dangerous mid range distance from monster… Keep you spore cloud up to make it hard for monster to distinguish between ur teammates and make sure to coordinate your attacks with at least one teammate so as to not draw unnecessary downs on youself

SUPPORT: you do realize your our only other “damage dealer” and nearly the most important character inside the dome… Your invis should pop the second the dome goes up… And you should be using your “real” skill… Cabot’s amp gun… Sunny’s shield drone… Buckets turrets and hanks orbital… All are viciously underutilized by average supports

Important skills: knowing when to use your skills, able to concentrate on assisting teammates over controlling on monster

Hank:The balanced staple of the group… Hank brings a great mix of offense and defense to the table… Be sure to use his orbital drop almost as soon as the dome comes up to maximize the chances to get a second one… And always be generous with your shield generator

Bucket: a defensively mixed support… UAV provides extra tracking on monster… While turrets provide awesome crowd control and constant damage on monster… And laser guided rockets are just the cherry on top… Buckets turrets should be used as his main weapon though with rockets for spike damage

Cabot: the offensive mixed leader of the group…Cabot’s idea of a good defense is a good offense… But do keep in mind that you are the support… And Cabot’s concentration on offensive makes him even more reliant on his invis to survive/help… Dust tagiing also provides the best in dome tracking and is great for exposing sneaking monsters when correctly used

Sunny: the most defensive minded of all the assaults… If your doing damage… And your shield drone isn’t deployed… Or your teammate is getting hit then ur screwing around… Sunny is great at keeping her teammates on the monsters ass and away from its claws… So ALWAYS use jetpack boost unless your out of ammo


While the chase part of the game can be quite dynamic… There are things to constantly keep in mind while chasing on the heels of a monster

Fuel management: be smart about your jetpack use… Because you don’t want to be left charging when you should be dashing to close the dome… While this is not as important during chase to other classes… This skill is essential for trappers and medics

Avoid wildlife: if it ain’t albino… Don’t shoot it… Case closed

Maintain search pattern: if your all walking in a single file line… Or circling the sane tracks around the same pillar… Then your probably never gonna find him… Split up into two groups… Skilled teams can spread further if they can maintain line of sight on one another… And slim allows the team to split up sepratly as long as everyone is confident in their ability to stay alive.

Call out tracks/last known posiyion : be sure to tell your teammates that you see the monster and that your headed in his direction… Especially if your not trapper… Then you should assume no ones following you


Like the chase this part is quite dynamic… Several factors will go into the quality of your combat with the monster

Terrain: you want to find that baby bear space of JUST RIGHT… Too big and the monster will have to much room to work with… Too varied and you’ll give the monster too many places to hide and you’ll spend the while minute trying to pinpoint him… No bueño… Terrain and line of sight cab also effect many character skills… Generally you can’t hit what you can’t see

Preparedness: are your teammates all together and ready to deal/mitigate damage to/from monster… Or is trapper playing like Kobe Bryant and just domed himself in with a two ton terror… Important questions to ask… Not everyone has to be near to dome… But if everyone is 70 m out… You might just want to let it go an avoid getting ur ass beat… Because your patience may lead to an even better dome… Or not

Concentration: you’ve gotta get through that armor first buddy… So if its stage 3 don’t even throw a dome until your threw most of the monsters armor… Most likely it’ll be wasted effort if you don’t and he leaves as soon as his armor is down


Goliath: a powerful adversary who specializes in melee damage and in your face action… He wants all the players to be as close as possible so he cab cause constant damage… He specializes in closing distance and doing heavy damage… The best plan is to maintain that distance, avoid getting focused, and controlling Goliaths speed…he is the most well balanced monster in my opinion… Therefore he is also the hardest monster to take momentum from… As in a Goliath who starts strong usually finishes so and vice versa

Kraken: the cthulu thunder lord of the skies…squishier than Goliath… Thus easier to overcome theoretically… But do not be fooled… He is slow… But is also the second most elusive monster on the roster… And probably the hardest one to hit even when he is right in front of you… His glide and omni dimensional movement ensure that… He has issues shaking the hunters due to glide… But he is one of the best at creating distance… And his 4 ranged attacks ensure that he can keep that distance… The best tactics is to close the distance on kraken, and even more so then Goliath it is imperative that krakens movement be locked down as soon as possible.

Wraith: my poor baby… They’ve nerfed you, misunderstood you, and generally mistreated you… And still people despise the special requirements it takes to kill you, my love… This is the most “elusive” of the bunch… God forbid the give us a real stealth monster after all this… It is important to understand decoy… No smart wraith is going to run at you… And smart monsters use smell… So if a monster just turns the corner and starts wailing on you… Run past it, it means your close… This will probably lead to a massive increase in domes alone… Regardless of that… If you wish to defeat a wraith it is important to invest in a team focused on defense or tracking… Defense let’s you end it with a relay win against the monster… While tracking will allow for early domes and constant pressure throughout the match

Behemoth: the current fad of EVOLVE the big boss as you may…this monster is the king of kiting… Allowing the monster to stay visibly present but still nearly undomeable due to his extreme speed in ball form…it is important to control behemoths movements… And try to work him into corners to make your domes easier to connect… Also offensively minded teams will find their calling in the long health bar that is behemoth… Be sure to maintain distance from this monster and keep the concentrated pain on him