Hunters cant be smelled


Hunters can’t be smelled

I think if monster evolve and hunter was shooting the monster

The monster can’t smell the hunter

There is no hud on that hunter (like spores effect only on that hunter )

I’ve experienced this bug 4 times I think . It’s a new bug since 8.0 TU


Like… permanently until the end of the match? I’ve never seen that occur to me or anyone else before. Interesting bug.

Wat I have noticed lately is CONSTANT moments where I would smell with everyone in LoS but no health bar or player name appears. Usually it’s just once or twice before it works but it’s incredibly frustrating.
I play Goliath, know that the Hunters are around the corner so I climb the wall between us and immediately Leap Smash into them for a surprise attack.

And then… I just have to either stand there like a buffoon for a few seconds or start hitting a random target because despite me spamming my right mouse button, no health bar or playername appears. For the first few seconds I’m completely clueless as to which one is the Medic.
So much for surprise attacks.


This happen to me once. I couldn’t smell jack. And I had the medic still left and assault was dead and support. And I Assumed jack was too because I didn’t see him.

I killed the medic and the game didn’t end, so I was like what the hell so I started to walk off hen I noticed a little person moving on a cliff and I chased it and got up close and it was jack. I couldn’t smell him. It was like i was under spore cloud but it only affected him I could smell everyone else.

I’m not sure what caused this but at start of the match could smell him at stage two I couldn’t.


Yes it is the same what happened to me

This happens after staging up


The crazy thing about it is that it seemed like the person playing jack knew I couldn’t smell him. Like he knew how to glitch it out so I can’t smell him.

Once I hit stage two for rest of game I did not see any repulsors or satellites or domes from jack. So I assumed he was like dead or lost from the pack.

When I killed the the rest of the team, he legit was just sitting on a cliff doing nothing. I think he knew I couldn’t smell him. I got lucky when I see him moving from the corner of my eye on that cliff though. He jumped into bushes and I was like I’m not crazy I just seen a little person lol so I started wiping at the bush and then I started hearing jack yelling.


I had a bug the other day where I didn’t have any traversal stamina until I evolved, never had a smell bug liek that though