Hunters can now restart the match?


Just had this happen. Joined a game as monster, one of the hunters DCd.

Game goes on for a few minutes, a fight starts and I down 2 of them. They vote to restart, I press nothing(default no) and the game restarts anyway.

So hunters can now just restart rounds when ever they are losing?


I thought the Monster and at least 2 hunters were needed to restart. This may be a bug.


Just once from my experience.

I got a jackass the other night that attempted to drag out the game because things didn’t go their way and kept attempting a restart after getting pummeled once by my Wraith. Then continued to attempt it during the next four skirmishes.


I believe your correct. I think its a bug, default meaning “pass”


I also had a bug.

We were all hunters. We hunted the monster, and at some point it looked like he went AFK. Been AFK for a good 30-1 minute while we kept pounding damage in him. We kept damaging him until he only had about 1 bar of life left and all of the sudden round restarted.

When round restart he wasn’t AFK, he kept playing. No longer AFK as soon as the round restarted. We beat him again and nothing weird happened, but this was definitely messed up.


ok, did the indicator for a restart happen? If it didn’t make a separate thread for this issue.


Nope, it just simply restarted


Well that really is weird then, hmm.


I dont think “default” equivalent to “no”, its a pass.


I think that might be the bug then, default is programmed as a pass and/or not showing up if the monster/hunter requests the option


yes, make a separate thread