Hunters being jerks (Evacuation problem)


Day 5 was about to start, whole hunter team leaves. I get into a new lobby Day 1. That’s not how this should work. That experience was like a tap on the should saying: “Don’t do that well next time!”.
I know TRS doesnt want things like that and I dont know though I loose the Survivor EXP or not but I guess I do.


It’s not isolated to just “hunters” Monsters also often do the same thing. We’re all looking to have some fun and if we’re not having it we tend to move on. By “we” I mean people. . . aka human beings.


People are better off sticking to evac. all the way through if for nothing else but the exp. win or lose. Plus, I’ve had matches where we were clean swept the first 4 and won the last one!


They can do that if they want to but if someone decides to do that the lobby should’nt crash and just restart. You should get the Survivor EXP at that moment or just go on with bots.


Agreed…it should just give you bots.