Hunters - avoid killing random wildlife


Tip for a Tuesday

I am a full-time hunter… my son on the other hand, plays monster a bunch. One thing that I notice that makes his life easier is coming across dead wildlife which he just gobbles down…

Sure, if you’re going to put a tracking dart in the corpse? Go for it. If you had no choice because a teammate was trapped? Killing it for the perk? Makes sense too… Killing them just 'cause they’re there? Probably a bad idea…

We need all the advantage we can get as far as slowing the monster down is concerned.

I see my hunter brethren wasting wildlife in passing just for the sake of shooting something, all the time. I’d probably advise avoiding them whenever possible…


It’s because of the mastery challenges people have to get damage with weapns etc so they shoot wildlife on he way, for example markov for stage 3 has to get chain damage so imgagine how many corpses markov leaves around when he kills 2-3 wildlife at a time


lol… true enough… so I’ll qualify that advice with “unless completely necessary” … Better?


The bodies decay. It takes a good monster very quick to take down wildlife. Its much better to kill the wildlife so that they start to decay away and the monster gets nothing. You should be killing every single buff large wildlife for sure, they do not ever respawn and they decay 4 food away in 1min.

The smaller wildlife(1-2food) respawns, the 3-4 stuff does not.


Dunno bro… was watching him play last night and it helped him stage up to 3 in no time. I used to be an advocate of “starving the beast” tactic as U mentioned, but after watching how much it was helping him last night, I now am going the other way.

As good monster will stage up and wreck you long before the starvation tactic matters. In fact, he was stalking them (they didn’t have Daisy) and when they’d kill a large one, he’d just wait til they wandered off, go in an have a nice snack… no damage, no work required.

Anyway, it’s certainly situational as all things, just something to consider that I thought to mention/discuss.


Wait till you get the games were you clearly lost because you didnt take out some buff that was around, this has happened to me countless times. The good old ‘lets go wait at the power relay herp’ strats. We were on the tail of a Wraith(nearly the whole game, people getting better at this). We got him domed and down to 1 hp bar. The dome drops and he runs, stupid teammates say “POWER RELAY GUYS HERP” instead of tracking the monster.

Monster returns with HP regen buff, full hp, full shield and rekts us at the power relay.


LOL… uhm yea, that is a DERP maneuver indeed. Gotta keep the pressure on the wraith.

Again, I don’t really mind killin’ the little feckers, just dart the damned things when in doubt. At least it serves a purpose then. Ya know?


I main Kraken and secondary Cabot, and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems.

First off, corpses do indeed decay overtime, providing less meat in a corpse than it originally would for a monster. So you know that Tyrant you just killed? After one minute he’s worthless to the monster, about half a bar of meat left on him.

Secondly, the monster also has to stay close enough to see what the hunters kill, but far enough so they won’t see him. So if your son was able to get the full meat off of every wildlife you killed, he would have had to have been right behind you.


Was happening a lot actually… I record a lot of footage and have a few matches that were the genesis of this post, I shall try and get em edited and on YT later today. It seems it might be something to consider