Hunters (assault) are still imbalanced, and not for the reasons you think


I still find that after the latest addition of hunters/behemoth that there is a serious flaw with Parnell.

Parnell still outclasses all of the other assaults in damage and this causes a problem with the balance of OTHER hunters as a result.

Combinations including Parnell start to become status quo instead of for utility. For example, You take Markov for high damage area denial with a condition that area denial setup takes awhile and can be counterplayed.

You take Hyde for ranged area denial that is quick to setup but has a downside of slowing hunters down.

You take the new guy Torvald for some Range mortar cannon hits that help wittle down stage 1/2 monsters that are running but takes skill to aim properly.

Why is Parnell a problem? Because his super soldier doesn’t have a setup, switch time, or downside to be perfectly frank. Noone CARES AT ALL about the health cost. Why? Because your team is gonna have a medic. And if you have a GOOD team it’s probably going to be Caira/Val/and maybe Slim (Sorry lazarus players, you’re just not top tier).

Parnell players dont use his Rocket Launcher for (I’m not going into them there, most people know why but if it’s a serious point of contention I’ll go into that segue later if necessary). So that leaves him just spamming 1, reloading, and spamming 3/4 as necessary. He has no downtime AT ALL. Parnell is a problem, he out DPS’s every other assault out there. Need proof? Ok.

There, you can clearly see that Parnell (even after Hyde’s boost) is still a top tier damage player. Now not enough metrics have been out yet to compare him to Torvald, but I’m pretty sure since Torvald doesn’t have a super-soldier like ability that he won’t outdps him either.

In a dome fight/stage 3 fight Parnell simply outclasses other assaults and this creates a very boring dynamic. I think I see a non-parnell team comp in like 1 out of every 9 games between the ranks of 30-40.

TLDR: Parnell’s super solider health cost is irrelevant, and ignored by most players. His combination of abilities means he has little downtime and his shotgun range is so ridiculously long (which for a rapid fire shotgun should not be the case) that he doesn’t have to worry about weapon switching or other tools to maximize his DPS.


Parnell is fine though. He literally brings no utility to the team other than sustained damage.
Markov has mines for his team to fall back to. Denying the monster of area if he wishes to keep his health.
Hyde can force a monster to get out of any area you want.
Torvald forces the monster to stay mobile if he wants to dodge the mortars. He also provides weakspots for his team to amp up on.

Parnell. He just brings the pain. But he can’t directly force the monster to do anything other than kill your team.


I’m confused…He’s supposed to out damage all Assaults because of lack of (aforementioned) utility…what’s the problem again?

From my understanding he also has a much shorter Shield time, and regardless of his damage uptime he has to deal with being slapped around the most since he has to be the closest out of all Assaults to truly benefit from that Excellent DPS.


I can’t wait to see parnell + cabot + Val lineups against behemoth. Damage amp super soldier weakspots on the gut rofl. That thing will die before he can finish a single animation.


I pretty much hate Parnell lol…


Parnell is a pure direct damage specialist.

If Mines, Gas Grenades, and Bombardments aren’t competing with that, its them that are weak.

From much experience with Parnell and some with the new Torvald, Parnell is considerably harder to aim than Torvald’s splashing bombardments.

Personally I use swap speed on him to use the Rockets while the Shotgun is reloading.

Why does he need a downside other than having nothing aside direct damage?

If you really want to go there, huge reliance on getting things done during SS and ineptitude if he doesn’t are his big downsides.

Sure, he outdamages other Assaults in his ideal scenario, but every Assault should have their ideal cases.

For Parnell, that case is getting to unload for the full Super Soldier duration in close range, with weakpoints as bonus points. This is far rarer than it may seem at first glance.

As a side note I feel that Torvald is amazing, Markov’s mines shouldn’t have recieved a damage nerf, and Hyde is kind of garbage still since hi gas grenades rarely do anything.

tl/dr: Assaults don’t all need some glaring downside to their ideal damage case, and Parnell is not overshadowing other Assaults.


the game even tells you when you use parnell for the first time that the shotgun is good shortrange and to switch to rocket at long range.

after watching that video that proves to be false.

Insted the video should say… use the shotgun always unless the enemy is SUPER far away.


Honestly I wouldn’t mind the shotgun having a bit more spread, but I hold that Parnell isn’t eclipsing other Assaults.


Assault is made to do damage and Parnell seems to be the only one to do a lot of it :joy:


Your opinion may change when you see a Monster run over Markov’s mines, take a full Torvald bombard or…I dunno, be afk in Hyde’s cloud.


I main Parnell.

You have to do headshots and make your SS count or you’re pretty useless. You need to get close to the monster to really make your shotgun pellets count due to its spread. An easy way to counter him is to just knock him back constantly. Not being close absolutely TANKS his DPS. Then he’s not doing much but waiting for his jetpack to recharge to get back in the fight.

Could his SS make him hurt more? Sure. In high level matches it does cause medics an annoyance since they have to watch him more carefully.


everyone mains parnell. you just point a click.


There is a lot more to staying close to the Monster while staying relatively safe than “point and click”.

We are fighting Monsters, not eggs.


torvald out dps parnell with the artillery barrage


use shield. point and click.

markov you gotta lay mines and know the map.

hyde has grenades that you have to throw on your teamates n such ( tacticaly use)

parnell you just pull out the shotgun and fire fire fire fire monster getting close? shield. easy no thought.


We did that, only replace “Parnell” with “Torvald.” Melts like butter. Honestly, I find Parnell the easiest one to deal with. Hit him with a knockback move and you’ve neutralized him. Jump away from him? Neutralized. He does a lot of damage, but he can’t stop me from bringing the pain.


If that is all you think it takes to play Parnell, you just aren’t good at it.

His biggest challenge is actually getting close and staying there - difficult against an evasive Mosnter, and it must be balanced with self-preservation against an offensive one.

Parnell is easymode if the Monster is completely incompetent and just sits there letting Parnell wail on him, but perhaps more than any other Assault Parnell suffers when he isn’t able to close with the Monster.


I love the video but don’t you think we should compare Hyde burning monster while gassing, markov lightening while monster goes through mines, alongside parnell super soldiering shotgun? It would show the damage comparison of high skilled assaults


there is tons of ways around this.

sunny.jetpack perks,wild life perks… on and on. this problem is ALL the assaults problem. this has nothing to do with parnell persay.

every assault thats pushed away has to deal with this.


It is a problem for all Assaults, Torvald aside possibly, but it is emphasized with Parnell.

Also, thanks for reminding me that I literally always have jetpack fuel to pursue the Monster because reasons.