Hunters are busted


I am play monster and when I play against a group I really cant do anything. Yes early on Its all noobs, but once the noobs figure it out. Monster really cant do anything and hunters damage is ridiculous. Pls give the monsters more power.




That was pretty funny. :joy:


Ya I was pretty pissed about that bug


Yes, Hunters busted must nerf, buff monster please. Sorry about the size, simply took a screenshot and dont know how to resize. Also, one of those goliath losses were from me being forced to leave a black screened game after the initial patch 2.01 launch failure.


Wow, nice.


i think he is talking about when its not pub games


Right now you are mostly used with randoms, which is why it feels overwhelming.
If it’s the same group that keeps beating you, it’s just a skill difference, but it’s like that in all games, so it’s nothing wrong. It comes with experience and in my opinion it’s a part of the fun.
Which monster do you prefer by the way?


I mean, I’m currently 40 and 0 with Goliath, and I don’t even play Goliath that often in Stage 2.

Having a flawless record doesn’t make you a good player, nor is it a valid testament to the strength of a character.

I have a spotless Goliath record and I had a very good one in Legacy before the playerbase became 50 at peak. But if I come across a real, coordinated team that know the game, each other, and how to play, which is basically how Evolve should be played?

I will probably lose. Or it will be very, very close.


Faced my first proper team last night as monster, and the difference between those experienced in using the terrain, keeping spaced out, managing their jetpack… it’s night and day between the two sets of skill levels and experience.

But even with that much more cohesive hunter team, I could see where it was that I went wrong and lost that game, being lazy in expecting the hunters to be poor on dodging and the like, poor focus, etc.

But that said it’ll be interesting to see what happens on balance when it comes to certain comps, there are clear useful pairings or triplets that I do feel will need very minor tweaks.


This right here. it can go from you stage 1 them every game for 20 games into a even at stage 3 you get your ass kicked hard


45 ranked matches, only 9 losses. Ranked as Gold Expert (Monster, obviously), so I dare say that I don’t need a buff. Can get to stage 2 in about 2 minutes, stage 3 in under 5 minutes if lucky. Honestly, this shouldn’t be possible with this much ease. If anything, monsters need to get a little less love.


Most obvious in that category is the Bucket/RV combo. It’s one of the most solid comps I’ve seen in a long, long time.


In a perfect world that would be wonderful. However, what you’re describing there, the highly coordinated hunter team, is a 1% fantasy, and what led this game to having a population of 100 in the first place. Monsters are currently out of control, having 90-100% win records. Even the most godly Overwatch players like Tviq and Surefour only have around 70% win rate vs pubs, dudes that play 16 hours a day, on pro teams in ESL. Yet, there are lots of 90+% win monsters in Stage 2. Completely broken and unfun for pub hunters.


Well they’re 1 or 2 out of 6? OFC a pro or godly guy can’t carry a team in overwatch 100% of the time.


plus, with the new update, it’s even possible somewhat carry a team as a hunter, due to being able to dome if you’re not the trapper.


LOL they don’t solo queue, they usually have 2-3 other professional teammates with them. Are you honestly trying to defend monsters with 90%+ winrates? Jesus.


that has…basically nothing to do with carry ability. very bizarre comment.


They probably are a team not pubs you are playing. Why should a team get punished for teamwork?


They made it worse with the nerf on wildlife, right now monsters get to stage 3 way more easily.


The thing people need to keep in mind about playing monster is this is the point where your REAL learning curve starts. You dont start learning how to REALLY play monster until you start playing against teams who have finally figured out how to really play as a coordinated team. Most monster players tend to enjoy the easy ride to this point- Its jarring have to finally start to learn how to play. Up until now its just been familiarizing yourself with abilities, characters, and feed routes. Up until this point its mostly “pick someone, and land abilities on them”. This is where you start to pick up tactics and strategies, learning how to force the hunters into bad positioning, how to force them to make mistakes.

That was more for the hunters than the monsters. Most monster abilities pretty much dispatched any and all wild life pretty quick/easy- usually in 1 shot. Pack of mammoth birds? flame breath. Bunch of striders? Vortex. the only real difference is the big wild life- But they have had their meat value reduced to 3 from 4. Even mammoth birds now only provide 2 meat instead of 3.

Routes are also far less generous than they used to be. RNG used to let you find packs of 2-4 mammoth birds, giving 6 to 12 meat. Now you at BEST find like a 5 (or so) pack of reavers. Most “good spots” are 2 striders/mammoth birds- But never more. Providing 4 meats (There MIGHT be exceptions to this- But the vast vast majority are pairs)

You also need a LOT more energy to evolve now than you did before.

Nearly EVERY map in evolve prior to this update had routes where monsters could be evolve ready by the 1 minute mark- With plenty of maps having routes that could have you evolving by the 40-50 second mark.

It is far more time consuming, with much more distance needed to be covered, to be evolve ready in Stage 2.