Hunters are being references to something?


Just let’s look at Kala.Portals(orange,blue),Kala(in my opinion)sounds like Karoline,the main treat in the game–cupcake,Kala’s hand looks like from Prototype…


I think that Kala’s teleporters being references to Portal is pretty obvious. I’m not sure about those other ones, though.


Kala’s hand does look like the claws in the first Prowtotype. I forgot if the second one has it.

The portals do make her feel like a Portal refrence.


The hand is supposed to be wraith’s hand. The cupcake is in refrence to the early development when the food ‘sprite’ (dunno what to call it, model? ehh wtv) was a cupcake.

yea, the portal refrence is pretty self explanitory and obvious but welcome nevertheless.


Nah, the second one looks larger and more vicious.


Ah, I always call them blades or swords, because those are not claws, they are extremely sharp and can carve up a Behemoth.


I like the look of em. Main weapon in prototype 2, probably the most powerful when fully levelled up tbh.


cough Tendrils cough 1-shotting tanks cough

EDIT: I’m sorry, they’re called APCs. My bad.


I preferred the fast fighting style of the claws.

The whip was fun too.


Aside from the metal appearance of the blades/claws it looks like something from “The Thing” more than anything.

And I thought that this thread was going to be about Stereotype References amongst the Hunters…


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