Hunters and Monsters need big finishers!


I was thinking it would be cool if the Monsters could do a big finisher on the last team member or the Hunters could do a team finisher on the Monster, but only when it’s health is near depleted


Sorry but no, as a tactical game last thing we need is a prompt for instant win.

Even with low health there are still chances for either team to win (depending on circumstances), your suggestion would ruin that balance.


Monster used to have a grab animation where, if it melee killed a hunter justttttt right, it would lift them up and then slam them on the ground.


They could trigger after they technically killed them.


Even better!


I tried looking on YouTube, but couldn’t find anything


I’ve seen that animation a lot. Just watch Goliath gameplay on YouTube. It’s not very obvious. You need to watch carefully. But it exists.


It’s most obvious with Goliath.


Wraith as well. Her animation looks similar to the one for Goliath.


It’s like, literally the same animation almost for all monsters. Just with a different appendage. The one that looks the most different is Krakens.


What about Bob and Gorgon? IDR their animations.


They literally do the same thing. Gorgon does it with her hook shot hand.

It’s always the same side, too. Even the one with Kraken’s tentacle-wing.


It was basicly a free ticket to rip into the monsters health by ecpecting that grabing animation and just placing my torvald mortars or an hank orbital right there