Hunters abandoned monster wins > Demoted!


Just was playing with some friends on ps4 when suddenly the game just finished and said monster wins hunter abandoned,we was like wth and after it demoted us all to bronze skilled o points,lucky a restart to menu or game gave us the rank back but why did our game end?

Edit:- we was about 15 mins in to match when it happened


This happened to me, except:

  1. I didn’t go all the way to Bronze Skilled
  2. My Rank in Hunt 2.0 is already bad since I don’t have a team to play with and pubs just doesn’t cut it for me.

EDIT: also on PS4


Evolve on ps4 seems to be still plagued with new bugs that was a first for that one.

I’ve had the one where you get disconnected and it gives you placements matches again lol even though I’ve played nearly 800 hunt2.0 matches at this point ha


This is just a visual bug, it should not affect your actual rank. If it is, then sorry.


Yes probably but why did the game just end giving us a loss when the monster was all but dead grrrr lol


“It’s Evolve” is all I can say.


I don’t really care about Hunt 2.0 since my rank is bad and I don’t have a team. I think I have 20 non-determining Hunt 2.0 matches. :joy:


Yeah same but still I don’t want to give easy losses away for no reason.


Fair enough.


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