Hunter weapons make you cringe when hit


When you’re playing monster is there a hunter weapon that when it hits you just cringe at how painfull it sounds.
Mine is Cabot’s railgun it just sounds so fricken painful when it hits


Every. Time. A. Harpoon. Hits. Me.


Oh god yeah that too


Jack’s pistols are the worst.


It’s just like a piercing snag unto my soul!


Torvalds Mortars


Mine are mines


Yeah it’s usually followed by me saying MOTHERF*CKER


Nobody brought up the Mini-Nuke yet?

It stings like a bitch, sure, but it also means she’s already dropped her bastard shield drone and you’re too far away from any of the others for her to be using her jetpack booster. I don’t even hear the explosions any more, all I hear is “You fail. You fail. You fail.”


A head-shot of Vals sniper.


Especially when you look at that huge chunk of your health is gone.




Hahaha that’s legit


Have you ever had your sinuses clogged? It’s terrible. (IRL)

It’s even worse when they’re so clogged it affects your eyesight. (Spores)


Laser cutter headshots, so rewarding!!!


Unexpected harpoons give me jump scares.


Lennox’s Plasma Lance, it also makes me think a knife stabbing you multiple times… :confounded:


I hate when they hit me with the tranq…


I hate the sound of the leech gun, because now I know there are creatures literally sucking my life away as I try to kill them, just creepy crawly shit on me

FAVORITE sound though is the impact of Val’s rifle, God that makes my day to hear it when it hits a monster in the head


I also can’t stand hearing the leech gun draining my soul and feeding it to a bunch of meany dickhead hunters.