Hunter Weapon Ideas


I would like to see what you think would be a good weapon kit for a hunter


A trapper with a multi use bow or crossbow would be cool. Tracking arrows, stun arrows, explosive arrows, something like that


An assault or support with a spike bomb launcher. Similar to Abe’s tracking gun, this can be shot into local wildlife and tag them. If the monster happens upon this creature, instead of a tasty treat, they will be greeted with a nasty surprise. Does slightly less than Markov’s mines and destroys the creature being eaten, but not the perk. Can also be shot directly into the monster, but will do less damage. The drawback will be long reload speeds to counterbalance high damage while not in battle with the monster.


Maybe a medic that could teleport straight to downed team mates and create a small weak shield around them while reviving them, the drawback being it takes a time for it to prime and the shield isnt very strong at all. It will only buy you 2-4 seconds at most if a monster is wailing on it. (Not really a weapon but i thought it might be cool)


I want an Assault with a High-Frequency Blade :smiley:


A trapper that has a grapple gun which can pull you somewhere quickly, could even attach to a fleeing monster to get closer and put up a dome. The drawbacks being, you cant move while aiming and it seperates you from the group, and it either has a really long cooldown, short range, or an arch to make long shots difficult to aim


I thought of a medic Weapon/Item:

Anti-Bacteria Bombs: Has a quick recharge. Can be thrown and has a wide radial spread. This ‘cleans’ wildlife that makes them not show up when a Monster uses their smell ability- making it harder for them to hunt and feed. Can also be used on the whole team of hunters when heading to a confrontation with the Monster so it doesn’t see you coming/can’t keep track of you very well during the fight. I haven’t thought of what it does when you throw it at the Monster yet- open to suggestions.


What about a chem character. Has the ability to inject wildlife with a poison that makes their movement pattern a little odd but if the monster does not notice and eats it then they take a small amount of direct damage to their health essentially bypassing armor.

Then give them a few other party buffs they could do with stims.

Probably would be support or medic.


I like this idea because I think I read somewhere (on his Turtle Rock bio possibly) that Hyde was a Chemtrooper in the Mutagen Wars and that all he’s done is replaced the liquid for his chemsprayer to a more flammable one. It does say this is due to the chemicals being hard to come by so that’s the only thing going against a chem character. Overall I like this idea though.


Another weapon idea

DNA Bomb Strike - Works like Hank’s Orbital or Cabot’s Dust Tagging. Can cover an area of wildlife that reduces their sustenance by 1- essentially 3 meats become 2, 2 become 1, and meats usually worth 1 have no effect. This can greatly reduce the monster’s levelling up time especially in the later stages. Has a long recharge time. Probably be best suited to a Medic or Support.


Assault or support laser trap. For reference, see the laser trap used (cringe) AVP: Requiem. The hunter places a set of three traps in a tunnel that create an irregular laser grid that shreds anything that goes through it.

The hunter could place it on the ground or connect it to anything nearby. The monster burns as long as it remains in the trap. The damage increases over time as long as the monster stands in it. After a few seconds of increasing damage, the trap burns out.

For example: The hunters trap the monster in a cave. The laser trap is deployed, connecting to the floor, one wall, and the ceiling. The grid activates and the hunters try to run the monster through the trap, increasing the damage every time.

Another example: The hunters capture the monster in an open area. The hunter deploys the trap over three points on he ground, creating a deadly section on he floor.