Hunter Visible Damage


You know what would be cool?
Visible damage to the hunters.

Example: Monsters, when they are damaged and their health decreases, their player model becomes more bloody and injured, and it really looks like you are inflicting damage.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the same thing happened with Strikes for hunters? Torn clothes, bloodied faces, etc?


I was thinking Damage Numbers for half the thread haha

But seriously that would be a cool thing to do as long as their are no bugs or lag that comes along with it


Hyde loses his arm during fight and dies
He comes back into battle
Caira: are you sure you are ok?
Hyde: i’m feeling fucking good mate
Caira: but where is your arm?
Hyde: that’s not a fucking problem, i will still fucking punch the fucking monster in da fucking face
(Sorry for the too many bad words, hyde requests them)


Love it 10/10 where’s part 2?


The part where hyde loses his other fucking arm and starts to head-fucking-butting thefucking monster in the fucking face?


I thought that was part 3, I was talking about when he loses his left leg :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, when did hyde become blackbeard?


Hey, it’s not off topic if we are talking about Hyde’s visible damage :wink:


But the story of hyde becoming blackbeard yes.
So pls stop :slight_smile: