Hunter Variation thoughts!


I have many ideas, let’s all think of somthing. Express all your ideas here! This will be of:
Happy hunting😎


Just cause I’ve played him the most out of all the characters.

I think Hyde will have a blue flame thrower akin to meteor, now the gas grenade I don’t know, but my thought was a gas grenade that does very little D.O.T, but if hit with the flamethrower, ignites into a powerful burst damage style explosion, would need a pretty long cooldown. As for the mini gun, just give him hanks laser cutter :slight_smile: more powerful, less ammo!


I want that gas to EXPLODE👍
The minigun can shoot little fire balls.IDK.


Echo Griffin. His sound spikes are echolocation spikes that pulse out every few seconds but have reduced range.
His submachine gun could be semi auto?
His harpoon gun could hold several weaker harpoons, with the more harpoons that land the stronger the pull.


Why not a real machine gun as in assault rifle.


Because they can’t do complete remodels of weapons. The variations are basically the regular character model with stuff removed and tacked on. Changing the gun entirely would require an entirely different model.


I’ll just translate what I’ve done on my french forum :

No time to Hyde :

Gadget 1 : Fire spear
Weapon piecemeal, she ask a little casting before she spear a long and slim fire pylon (a little like the vortex). It deal huge damage and a little of residual damage. It is not a acurate weapon and his cooldown his as long as Lennox’s machine gun.

Gadget 2 : Nuclear grenade
The more the player maintain the attack button, the more she win in surface area. It works like Sunny’s laucher with a residual damage bonus.

Gadget 3 : Gatling Gun
Need a little casting time before fire. It have a better range, do more damage but is much more unstable.

E-Griffin :
Gadget 1 : E-harpoon
Work like OG harpoon, but for each action of the monster (Walk, jump, ability,…) it deal a little electrical damage to the monster. His range is lowered, it is more apparent and do a specific when it is use. No impact damage.

Gadget 2 : Mitraillette Gauss
Deal as much damage than Lazarus rifle, at the impact, it create little areas on the monster which improve the damage dealt with the E-harpoon. Also, the harpoon will to some damage at the impact.

Gadget 3 : Electronic device
The warning device see at 180°, he can’t see through walls. It reports the monster presence by sending a marking dart (like Abe) when it’s in range. Sneaking don’t have any impact. Despite it can see only at 180°, it can look up or down.


I think it’s pretty much clear that Hyde will be pink. I always knew he had a feminine side…


SOON [TM] 10 chars


S.W.A.T Bucket:
His rocket launcher is replaced by an electric cannon (which is in my opinion like the Gauss rifle from Fallout) and instead of shooting rockets, it fires electric bullets that deals a bit more damages than the rockets, but are unaccurate.

His turrets will now create a shield dome around them, protecting both the turret and the hunters under it, it has a battery as big as Hank’s shield but have a limited range and it is impossible to place turrets nearby.

His recon head cannot track the monster anymore and will instead mark an area that will create a teleportation gate, it requires twice less time to create than Kala’s teleporters but will destroy itself after 10 seconds.

(Un copain de pays!)


@theFacemelter I personally hope that it is pink Hyde, love every aspect of it, a flower thrower, a sparkle grenade, and a minigun that shoots pink polkadot paintballs!!!


His launcher stays the same look so it be a different weapon and his turrets would be OP same with his head. But nice thoughts :+1:


I know, but the colors would be different like for the T1 hunter variants



Ok, so lazarus. I just want to point out an idea for his Lazarus device, cause I am completely hung up on how they can do it differently.

So I imagine a long range revivifier that attaches to a hunter in a 30m range with a blue beam coming from his glove like Tech Sergeant Hanks’ shield generator. It will charge like Tech Sergeant Hanks’ shield generator, and when complete, they will be revived.

The cloak I think will stay to keep survivability up with laz cause, well, his healing is crap. And the monster would counter the revive by trying to break line-of-sight.


But Laz should be able to move, otherwise the Monster or wildlife can get an easy kill.


Of course. I was thinking he would be able to move with the beam attached much like any other beam hunter.


why don’t they make another mode that is like hunt 2.0 with 2 monsters and 6 hunters and 2 new classes that are only playable with the better hunt.


The game is balanced for 4V1.
If there is a 8V1 (or even 6V1) we would need a brand new balance of the game. See how it was for 4V1 ? Hard enough.
Rogue Val+Lazarus
Oh my…