Hunter Tiers?


Hello again guys! I’ve been watching a ton of videos, and I have come to a conclusion that I am going to go into more detail about in a few seconds.

A lot of people complain that the Hunters are OP compared to the monsters. I slightly agree, I think they aren’t too much overpowered but I think a bad hunter team can win better than a bad monster.

Anywho, I think the problem is that, form what I have seen, not all hunters are created equal. It seems like the second tier of hunter is, for the most part, infinitely better than their predecessors.

Hyde’s Flamethrower does the most damage of any weapon in the game, and i’d bet that his Mini-Gun is second or third from what I’ve seen in videos. Markov simply is not as good, and I think this is an easy enough analysis.

EVERYONE has said this at one point, and while I really want to disagree, Lazarus is the infinitely better choice as a medic than Val. I know he cannot actively heal, but the ability to instantly rez a dead team-mate without a strike makes him infinitely more useful than the ability to heal one guy that, if focused on by the monster, will probably still die. His lazarus device and a ludicrously short recharge of maybe 5 seconds. I understand the devs have balancing this for years, but it leaves me really confused.

This one is the least difference in usefull ness, it sees highly situational. If you need to find a monster quick, use Bucket. Need a spare sheilder? Use Hank. Bucket only seems more useful to me because the little turrets are a lot easier to use than the orbital barrage, so this one is more opinion than fact.

From what I have seen, this class might be the biggest difference after Lazarus, maybe on par with him. While Griffin can fire one harpoon at a time, Maggie can fire five. Yes, the monster needs to be close to them, but in an intense fire-fight with literal fire, explosions, and lightning flying everywhere monsters aren’t going to notice some tiny traps on the ground. The adorable little dog at first seems pretty meh, but since it is essentially another teammate AND LAZARUS, it is incredible. I have seen games where the dog is the only one alive, the monster ignores it thinking he has one and not realizing it counts as a team-mate, and then it licks a guy who comes back to life. Compare this to the completely useless sound spikes, i’m not sure why anyone would choose Griffin.

That’s just my observations. I’m sure the devs have their reasoning, I would love to hear it. But from what I have seen, it just looks like the second set is all around better.


So, if you play against a good kraken for example, you can forget about Magie’s traps or Hyde’s flamethrower,
You won’t reach the monster with their short range.


Okay, I can agree with Hyde’s flame thrower, but he can still use his mini-gun which seems on-par with Markov’s lightning gun.

Maggie’s access to Daisy seems to be too valuble to switch to Griffin in any situation. Plus, in most of the videos I have seen (Not to many good Kraken’s, though) the average height Kraken flies is still close enough for the mines to go off. Of course, like I said, these aren’t exactly pros playing in most of the videos.


I can only really partly answer the first one and last ones so here goes.
Markovs lighting gun has a lower dps than the flamethrower, but I’m 90% sure it has a higher dps than the mini-gun, it has a longer range than the flamethrower so it can be used more often and it automatically targets the monster so it is easier to actually hit the monster when you’re in range which is particularly useful for the more agile monster players. I’m not as sure as for the assault rifle and mini-gun i think its a similar situation but the assault rifle doesn’t lock on.
While maggie can have 5 harpoons active she needs to preempt the monster, if the monster doesn’t go near the harpoon trap it simply wont activate, while Griffin can shoot a harpoon at anytime, has a longer range and his harpoons do damage.
For the daisy vs sound spikes, while daisy might have an advantage early in the game as she can track the monster easily she only follows the monsters tracks so you cant cut the monster off. additionally the sound spikes do have an impressive range on them for the size of the maps and tell you where the monster is not where it has been so it is easily arguable that griffin has an advantage in tracking for the middle/later parts of the game.


It’s equal both ways. Poor Hunters who don’t co ordinate and utilise their tools are easily smashed by a Monster. A Monster who makes poor choices like fighting without armour, staying in a losing fight or forgetting to use important mechanics like sneaking or climbing, will get destroyed.

Hyde’s flamethrower is the most powerful in the game yes, but it also has the shortest range, meaning he has to get really close to be able to use it effectively, putting himself at a lot of risk.
Markov’s lightning gun has more reach, and is more accurate than the flamethrower since it automatically locks on to the Monster. If Markov can get a good stream of lightning on the Monster, his armour or health drops in large chunks quickly, whilst keeping him at a safe range. As a side note, Markov’s mines are HUGE damage dealers compared to Hyde’s grenades, which the monster can just steer clear of.

When you play the game, you’ll notice how much harder it is to incap someone when Val is on the team. She keeps the team sustained for much longer than Laz. Not to mention her Tranq gun, which is extremely effective against the Monster, especially when it’s trying to escape the Hunters.
Val’s sniper rifle also does more damage when the weak spots are hit.
Lazarus’ device is also easily made redundant if you eat the body of a Hunter. Laz can’t rez a pile of blood and bones!

Bucket is all about defending the team, but in an offensive way.
Hank is all about defending the team, in a defensive way.
They are both equal, but it’s up to you to decide which one fits your play style best.

Griffin’s sound spikes have a colossal range. One spike can easily cover nearly a quarter of some maps.
This is much more effective at determining the Monster’s location than Daisy, since she follows a trail that was left in the past, whilst the spikes tell you exactly where the Monster’s current location is.
Griffin’s harpoons are used situationally, whereas Maggie has to plan ahead.
If a Monster tries to flee, Griffin can shoot out a harpoon, then and there, to catch him. Maggie can’t do that, unless she had guessed at potential escape routes for the Monster, and planted some there.

In short, it really just depends on what your play style is, no Hunter is better than the other.


This is definitely true unless the monster is particularly good or just knows how to sneak and not set of the sound spikes. In which case Maggie with Daisy would be the better pick because she will eventually catch on to the monsters scent. Unless he/she is sneaking from puddle to puddle.


So here are some of my thoughts and my experience on some things you have said

I think you are partially correct, because one bad hunter, or even two, or three can be compensated for by one good hunter who knows what he is doing, whereas one bad monster has no one to help him or compensate for him. So yes a bad hunter team will probably beat a bad monster. I had a few matches in the original alpha which proved this, I was Hank, and I was the Hunter team. My allies were clueless and all had been killed multiple times, but because the monster player was fairly new, I was able to free run him around obstacles and what not, and kill him from full hp at his third tier.

People will chose griffin if they are playing against me. In the alpha I excelled at stealth. I even recall a few games with devs where they didn’t even find a track let alone me, until I hit third stage. (which is foolish, I have since learned stage three is a last ditch thing, you are in control until stage three) With Griffin playing, If I ever broke stealth in the radius of his sound spike (which is quite large, and you could cover the entire map) they would know exactly where I was, which would have changed some of those games

HAHAHA! More like bringer of nuclear fire :stuck_out_tongue: Hank is my favorite hunter of them all, he exemplifies the lone wolf play style, he can hide, bring massive dps, or support his allies, so in my opinion he is the most versatile and therefore the best hunter in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as the Assault class goes, I would actually take Markov over Hyde any day of the week. To me that is a cut and dry choice, I probably won’t play Hyde very much at all. Sure Hyde deals the most damage with his flame, but he has to be close, and I learned quickly Evolve is not like most FPS games. In a traditional FPS as you shoot a target, you move in closer to make the target larger, and easier to hit, because they go down just as quick as you. In Evolve as you shoot, you move away from the target, to make yourself smaller and harder to hit, because you go down much easier than your target. My very first game I played yolo style and ran right up to that monster and started shooting at him. I was dead two seconds later. This game is about doing maximum damage from a distance and as spread out as possible. So the lightning gun feels safer to me. Also Markov has those mines. A tip for future monster/Markov players, DO NOT ignore the mines. Markov is much more likely to defeat a stage three monster because of them. One mine did something like half or three quarters of a bar of health to the monster, so when you lay five of those babies down and are wailing on him with the lightning gun as he dulls his claws on your shield, you are in a much better position than Hyde is.

Again these things are all just from my perspective and experience, and the truth is, not every hunter will be equivalent in the hands of every player, they weren’t meant to be. Some people will swear by Lazarus because he fits their play style and method of thinking, whereas some will swear by Val because she is super hot… :blush: I mean super helpful at preventing incaps in the first place. I love Hank to pieces, but I know that some people for no good reason whatsoever love bucket :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, he is a robot people, he can never love you back :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the hunters have been balanced on a win loss ratio, which in my mind is the fairest way to balance them. Also remember that a lot of the footage we have been seeing is from people playing their first few games, which is entirely misleading. Well. There you have it :smiley:


Let’s just ignore the tranq gun which is incredibly powerful.

As for Maggie versus Griffin, Maggie’s traps have to arm and deal no damage. Griffin’s deals damages and can be used instantly.

Sound spikes give you a constant visual of the monster when he is nearby, Daisy takes a long time to track and is often confusing to follow.


Tranq gun is INSANE!!!

As well Val can heal from a distance and revive downed players at almost no risk to herself. Soo good.

I think maggie vrs griffin is a toss up.

Griffin’s spikes are useless if the monster stealths, and stealthing is a button click.

Honestly the literal tracking skills Trackers have are more about restricting mobility… Maggie makes monster HAVE to move if they’re stealthed, and Griff forces monsters to stealth if they have to move.

Still I hate Daisy’s pathing.

Its an interesting decision.


The_CreatorX dropped the knowledge!


Don’t forget, Val can pick Hunters up from incap at range with her medic gun. Lazzy has to get into melee to use his power.

Edit: Whoops, Zomnivore already said it!


I pretty much disagree with everything with the OP. The_CreatorX practically countered everything said in the original post. To say Lazarus is infinitely better than Val is plain bias.


@The_CreatorX pretty much took everything I would have said right out of my mouth! well done!


Well, it seems I have been bested.

I completely forgot about the Lightning gun’s range, I thought it was the same as flamethrower but with less damage. Definitely going to have to agree with you guys on the Assault.

Support too, as I stated they seem pretty evened out and I still stand by that.

I’m still a bit iffy on the medic thing; I’ve never seen a monster eat a dead hunter and it’s pretty easy for Lazarus to get close enough form what I have seen, but I don’t want to attract too much ire from you guys so i’ll back down on it.

I still feel Maggie is superior because of Daisy’s rez ability, but the soundspikes are pretty good too, I guess if you want to be more offensive Griffin really is your best choice.


Griffin becomes better as the game progresses, by late game you’ll have most of the map covered with sound spikes that makes detecting the monster easier in the end. Maggie works better early on for quicker engagements where the monster is generally nearby and gives off clues at the start, but falls off if when the monster establishes a foothold later on (if he’s smart enough).


When you get a chance to play it for an extended period of time, I think you will start to see the balance work the way it is supposed to. As far as never seeing a monster eat a body, I have to say that I have eaten several :stuck_out_tongue: and Laz wasn’t even on the team


nubs say things are op in games, in this case we are all nubs. ALL characters have different learning curves it would appear the monster’s is longer than the hunters. Meaning the hunters arent op they just take less time to learn than the monsters.


I would say it depends on who is playing. My learning curve was much faster for the monster than it was for the Hunters.


I think the learning curve is behind the tier system, the hunters and monster that are easier to get the basics of you get to play first whereas the initially harder ones are second tier so you’re get used to playing the class and game before you play them


this is a general statement. like most people will play the hunters better because more people play first person shooters than people play combo based fighting games for the monster. But there are always variables and people that dont fit into these margines