Hunter teams need a way to votekick troll hunters


This game needs a way for a team of 3 hunters to vote kick a 4th hunter who is deliberately trolling. I am going to give a very good example of why this is crucial.

Earlier tonight myself and two other members of our TAW ( clan group were playing evacuation mode when we got randomly grouped with a guy who ended up being a huge troll.

This guy started out by randomly spamming comms with spam (such as deliberate off-key singing, repeating advertisements from tv etc.) until we all muted him. We were playing with him fine other than muting him so we didn’t leave. Then he took trapper for the next round.

He proceeded to deliberately troll us by throwing random arenas locking us in making us unable to chase the monster and refusing to drop it. Then one time I was lucky enough to have been far enough away from the trapper that I was able to keep tracking the monster even though I was on support. I tracked down the monster and proceeded to dust tag him. The monster instantly turned on me and killed me. My team tried to come revive me, only for our trapper troll deliberately dome them all away from me and not let them out. He then proceeded to deliberately stand right next to our cloaked Laz and deliberately allow the monster to aoe kill him. Any time Laz tried to move away our troll trapper would follow uncloaked.

The round finally ended. The guy proceeded to state about how happy he was to have trolled us and asked us how it felt. Then proceeded to tell us he was going to keep on doing that non-stop every game until all 3 of us left.

The funniest thing though is that he claimed to do the deliberate trolling because quoting him “your Hank refused to shield me” and “I refuse to play with a bunch of guys who don’t teamplay” etc. Which while I hate his way of protesting I would fully have agreed with him on the principle of not playing with a group who refused to teamplay… except for one itsy bitsy tiny detail…

I was the support for every game we were with him and… I was on freaking Cabot every single game who does not even have a shield. And when we told him that he refused to listen and said that he saw me with the goggles and beaming my teammates… something that simply can’t be true since I wasn’t even on Hank, and somehow he never saw the red beam that I was keeping on the monster as Cabot to amplify damage. xD

We seriously need a way for a group of hunters to agree to votekick someone if they are deliberately trolling like that. It would have been far better to even have a bot than to have a player deliberately sabotaging us - even if he’d had a valid reason unlike this nut who was seeing things not even real. xD


Yeah, that’s a sucky experience, but put it into perspective?

How many truly obnoxious players would be kicked vs. how many who would be kicked just because they had a bad game or were playing with intolerant arseholes?


Best thing to do is block/report that person via your platform. Let bad players play together.


This is why I only play with friends. That is the worst kind of person.


I think just a report system would be enough, with a matchmaking wait penalty, but making a votekick in this game will just make it even worse, when you land on shear with your 3 other people, you know you’re in this together and you need to make your best, I don’t want people to organize on which one to kick out because he’s less skilled than the others.


Not sure on that one. But I’ve never had a group of arseholes. Only ever 1 arsehole. Like a trapper who complained that we all followed the monster 1 way around a massive rock, and no one went to cut him off. Even though that’s the trappers job. We chase the monster one way, trapper intercepts the other way. But no, he followed us, and after repeated name calling including calling us all “fucking brain dead”, he then proceeded to stay in one position, refusing to move, making only small movements on this one spot. For about half the game. Then he left, but by then, the damage was done.
A vote kick would have been real nice in that situation


There will always be games where you would sell your soul to get rid of an obnoxious brat, and I can see why this would make people beg for a vote to kick option, but there is plenty of evidence that this feature can be shamelessly abused by players to kick people for dubious reasons :

  • He refused to pick X hunter
  • He failed a dome
  • We needed to make room for our friend (think about evac mode, getting kicked on round 4-5 and wasting all this xp)
  • He had a squeaky voice (yes it’s annoying, but kick-worthy?)
  • …




a “never group me with this person EVER!” button im fine with , but an actual kick button/vote hell no, its been my experience your far more likely to get kicked by people wanting to invite a friend that just came online than you are to run into a troll.


My friends and I just had a match where our Val was friends with the Monster player and wouldn’t heal us. Once we died they boosted headshots. Save that for private matches!