Hunter team with no class restiction


I’m just curious what would you think about this idea; an option or perhaps a game mode for the hunters, where you could select any class you want to play with, with no restriction of the traditional Evolve mantra that each player can only chose one of these classes assault, support, trapper, medic. So you could get team with for eample 3 assaults and a medic…? ok I’m aware that surviving without a medic would be hard i.e. by having 4x assault. How crazy does that sound, like some harcore mode :smiley:


Is this secretly a “trappers suck” thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, would you still restrict teams to having no more than 1 of each character?


Could be fun. Then everyone can learn the hard way why having a Trapper is important.


Tell that to team of 4 healers that can not die at all :^) trapper is not that usefull,my team does not even use detector,we just know feeding routes an cut them.


And when the Monster is domed, it can jump around and land abilities all it wants. The Trapper’s main role in a dome is to make it hard for the Monster to use its abilities. I can’t tell you how many times a good Trapper has cost me a game as Monster.


I would like this.Hopefully in such a game noone will pick trapper because right now its a useless role that only serves as extra chip damage after dome.Jack excluded,he has saved me many times


if you have problem with monster escaping in dome you did 2 mistakes that no trapper in world will compensate domed at wrong place have bad positioning

there is no way for monster to ‘escape’ inside dome if you did half decent job at positioning.

then again with 4 medics you do not need to stop any ability,you can just facetank everything.
even 2medics+bucket are enought for immortality.

replace trapper with another assault and monster die in second.

There is no real ‘need’ for traper,he is just convenient


No, that’s not what I said. I said that the Trapper’s CC is for making it harder for the Monster to land its abilities.


Well it is maybe not what you said,It sure is what you typed.
I attacked both parts of your argument tho so there is no need to be upset.


I’m not upset. My point was that with the Monster able to jump around, it’s much easier for it to land abilities.


And I do not say traper is useless. Would I trade him for 2x medic 2x assault? never :^)


Well that’s just opinions, I guess. I will always say that the Trapper is an invaluable member, but fuck it; this idea sounds fun.


No, I like trappers as well :wink:


lol, yea haven’t thought about that :smiley: There should be restriction with the medic class definitely, you’re right.


I wouldn’t mind seeing either one of the old returning modes enable this or just allow coop vs ai remove class restrictions since the ai isn’t going to complain on the forums about how broken it is to play against 4 of X class. Personally I would like to see such an option enabled in the custom games tab. A lot of other things TRS has done a 180 on so I’d hope in the future they’d consider experimenting with such an idea.

If they did add a gamemode without class restrictions defend honestly looks like a good candidate given you don’t really search for the monster as much as hunt and you respawn even if all four hunters are wiped iirc.


It seems like the only ones who appreciate the true value of the trappers are the trapper mains and the monster mains xD
As a monster main I have to say that a good trapper can make your life a living hell in combat.


Hunters would win.

Tech Hank, Cabot, Kala, Caira. Caira for survival of course. Laser drill, armour reducer + damage Amp.


Sounds like a real rough time for the monster :wink:
I logged this suggestion to see what the team thinks


Nice, of course this is the basic idea, of course there can arise problems, like what about duplicate hunters etc, with that in mind, we know things can be tweaked to balance the game mode real good… And yes I was thinking about the monster, yesterday, and I thought the monster could get some passive perks, like, for each hunter they kill they get some + 3% speed, melee or something, after all evolve is so much about balancing :smiley:


I’d say that support-heavy teams will be as hard to grind against. Even all-assault team could probably have enough staying power and combined DPS to make encounter ridiculous.